Best Female Chastity Belts to Lock Tight

Female Chastity Belt

Today we will be discussing the metal monsters that haunted the passage of many castles the female chastity belt. Yes, the cage (according to legend) kept knights and kings prized possession the pussy locked up. The truth is they might have never existed.

Whether it did exist or not women worldwide are using the steel female chastity belt in different sexual games. The modern design you can adjust with the waistband and has a secondary U-shape band to fit snugly around the waist, genitals, and anus and locks.

So, why do people wear them? The chastity cage gives control to the person who has the key and is a great teasing device. Others enjoy the humiliation & torture finding it erotic and even the look of wearing one is a great turn on. Furthermore, who does not like a little bit of BDSM games to spice up the sex life?

Do you want to spice up your love life?

Interested in Wearing a Female Chastity Belt

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Depending on your needs, you can buy different types of chastity belts for woman for casual play and showing off. First, you need to choose if you want a sturdy one to keep your love hole locked up or one that is escape-proof. Next, you need to get your accurate measurements (measuring your waist, hips, crotch length, front crotch, and backside) to ensure it fits comfortably. And finally, you need to choose one with body-safe material not leaving you full of hives and sore.

Now the big decision should it be medical grade stainless steel or perhaps titanium (these are the safest to wear and clean.) You can also opt-in picking a silicone, ABS plastic, polycarbonate, or leather one choice is endless. We feel the leather or TPE/TPR rubber ones do look impressive, but they are challenging to keep sterilized.

And finally yet importantly, if you are new to the game of orgasm denial, we recommend you start with a cheaper model. Why, because if it turns out you are not interested in it, you have not wasted all your money on an expensive one. Now for the most critical part, before we get to our female chastity belt reviews, you need to keep your constraint device clean.

There are two stages of cleaning. You do not go without cleaning your lady-parts daily, do you? So wash it with warm water and soap and a soft cloth while locked or not. Make sure you leave it to dry thoroughly by using a hair dryer set on cool (great for those hard to reach places.) Take off your belt at least once a week to inspect and deep clean. And make sure it is as dry as a baby’s bottom.

Furthermore, always be safe, sane, sober, and consensual when using one. Now that we have, the nitty and gritty stuff out of the way let us look at some of the best chastity belts available for girls to wear.

Five of the Best Female Chastity Belts to Wear

Chastity Belt

For a refreshingly modern take on the chastity belt, we have selected the best for you. Female chastity is the main fetish, and nothing puts you into an obedient mindset quicker when locked in one. Just the feeling of not touching yourself makes you feel helpless. Once you have the chastity belt secured, your mind changes, as orgasm is no longer an option until locked open. Your pussy is the property of your master or mistress and your pleasures at their mercy.



The steel female chastity belt has a classic look, and the name Fancy Steel pops up everywhere. With the unique look of the FSF-001, you will quickly become a Fancy Steel Girl. The go-to belt with combo shield is one of our favorites for many reasons. The metal waistband is stylish and gives you an unpreventable bondage-y feeling you will love.

The belt sits on the waist perfectly, and you can wear it tight to exaggerate your hipbones. The thick steels bendable for a tight fit and the edges are slightly rounded (this is great as you do not need to wear it with a lining.) However, if you plan to wear it for long, we recommend you use a soft lining.

The belt comes with an ID plate, with a number and the Fancy Steel Initial. You can use it with a Neoprene or Leather lining depending on your taste.

The adjustability of the device is fantastic with the unique cable design. The cable allows you to position the shield higher or lower to wear at different heights. The chain is not difficult to bend or reach when making adjustments. However, if you are concerned about it bending you can replace it with an interconnecting link set that slides over the cable.

Fancy Steel has different shields you can pick to use with the belt, and each one is interchangeable. The guards prevent any touching or penetration. The primary protection has a long slit opening while the second one has a dome shape. So you can pee with the belt fitted. The cover is also compatible with toys, plugs and gives your master access to your ass. So how long can you wear it? You can wear it 24/7 with the steel structure. The only problem you will find is the urine sprays everywhere and makes a mess. So the best is to remove it when having a pee or a bowel movement. Another fantastic thing is you can buy loads of different accessories to use with the female chastity belt. You will even find the size satisfying to walk and crawl around.



For a beautiful piece of wicked fun, you need the DOMINIX Deluxe chastity belt especially made for females. You can get your lover on lockdown with the unique lock design. The device is padded for comfort and adjustable with a pretty heart cut out. The belt comprises leather and has metal for restraint.

The gusset sits comfortably and prevents both anal and vaginal play. The waist strap adjusts for a perfect fit and the buckles lockable and fits a waist between 31.5 to 47-inches. The great thing is the chastity belts designed for more than just discipline and is sure to flatter your partner as well.

Once on it enhances your feminine curves and the thong-style back leaves your buttocks exposed. Your sweet spot is out of reach and offers the best pleasure denial. The material is leather, so if you are allergic to latex, it makes an excellent restraint device to use.

However, we found that there might be enough room to wiggle a finger under, but leave no room to do anything else. Another great thing is it presses against the pussy keeping you aroused. You receive a padlock included with four keys and great if you do misplace one.

On the other hand, it serves more than one purpose, and you can wear it as a chastity belt or used to strap you in it when role-playing a pup and clip on a tail. Personally, the belt makes you feel kinky and look sexy, but the back strap could be padded a bit more for comfort.

For a sexual playing, the device is excellent, but we would not recommend it for extended 24/7 use. Another important thing is to clean it with some sex toy cleaner and a damp cloth and let it air dry.


The NEOSTEEL female chastity belt is one of the best with the MASTERPIECE-SYSTEM. If you are allergic to silicon, this female orgasm denial device is a great option. The feminine total chastity belt design is comfortable to wear, and you can even buy one for your man as well. The exterior has a high polished stainless steel waist belt with a Neoprene liner, and the same applies to the crotch shield.


Once you have it on it reaches from the center of your waist up the front to the rear middle of your abdomen. There is an opening for the anus and has a slit at the bottom to urinate through. If you are into anal sex, you can use it with an anus dildo. Getting inside the chastity belts on the impossible side as it has a separate locking system. There is a stainless steel shackle shroud as well. You can wear it permanently, and remove it twice a week for cleaning.

Another notable thing is we recommend you remove it for a bowel movement. Furthermore, it does need some bending to your shape when first worn for comfort.



The Carrara chastity cage gives you full coverage of your groin. The protector that comes with the Carrara has a welded structure and covers your entire pussy. There is a rinsing hole in the top segment, and the smooth edge comprises PVC/Rubber.

Once you have, the belt on you can comfortably walk around or sit, and the link between the locking plate and protector is adjustable. You will not be able to get out of the device with the locking system, and only the owner of the key can release you. The collection of female chastity cages is available in a Deluxe and Basic model as well.

The Basic version is affordable and comfortable to wear. There is a detachable padlock to interchange with other locks. And it comes with a standard female protector. There are slots included to use the device with a dildo, and the secondary shield prevents direct contact for masturbation.

An added benefit while wearing it is that your urine can pass through and it is easy to clean.



When you hold the Tollyboy steel female chastity belt, you can see your face displayed on the stainless steel polished shield. The entire constraint device has a fantastic mirror finish and beautifully made. Even the rivets holding the belt together are fabulous. The rear chain forms a single flat design with the chromed welded links.

Compared to their older models the new release is the additional post passing through the belt closure and the shield. You can use it with small to a large padlock or even a wire & lead seal. The guard edges covered with black neoprene and found around the belt as well.

You can wear the belt long term, and with occasional removal for cleaning, it will surely leave you locked up and aroused for a long time. There are a couple of chastity belts available in the Tollyboy collection with the traditional Florentine Style. The FB100 belt set is the basic female model.

You can buy it in an FB200 design that prevents access to your anus but does allow defecation to take place. Furthermore, you can select it with a drop-down waistband as well. The belt provides you more freedom of movement and great for bending.

Which Chastity Devices Should You Buy?


Excellent question as it all comes down to your needs. If you plan to explore female virtue, each of these female chastity belts reviewed is outstanding options. Instead of having one custom made they offer you adjustability for a perfect fit. The quality of the chastity cages has improved over the years, and the Fancy Steel comes highly recommended. If you do prefer a leather chastity belt for short use, the DOMINIX DELUXE is the one you need. The NEOSTEEL is an excellent option if you are allergic to latex and need something soft with steel against the skin.

So which one are you planning to choose? Feel free to leave us your reply here.

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  1. Regarding: “The NEOSTEEL female chastity belt is one of the best with the MASTERPIECE-SYSTEM.” (At least at present) There is no MASTERPIECE-SYSTEM available to be worn by females. It just has a female style (look at the depicted penis tube).

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