Fancy Steel Chastity – The Slim Fit belt

Fancy Steel Chastity

Fancy Steel Chastity Belt, the Slim Fit belt, is the Holy Grail of all self-denial devices!

Have you been on the hunt for a comfortable and capable male chastity device?

Have you been through some embarrassing moments with other orgasm denial devices?

Maybe you have tried ball-trap devices! Did you know they do not provide enough security?

You can still pull out your dick no matter how you adjust them.

Alternatively, maybe you considered getting PA piercing or thought about using a full belt. In most cases, both might be the solution.

Nevertheless, the fact remains you do get some security but not enough.

WHY—if you can get your hand around the base of your penis you can still jerk off without touching the sweet spot.

That is why you need a restrictive device preventing you from getting an erection.

What you are looking for is one leaving you with frustration as your penis strains against the confines in the cage.

We have news for you! You may have found one that works well right here with the “Slim Fit from Fancy Steel”.

So what makes this chastity device better than others do? Find out here!

Why Choose Men’s Fancy Steel Chastity Slim Fit?

Slimfit Design

As mentioned getting a PA fixing with full belt might be your solution to getting the best security for orgasm denial.

However, if you have tendinitis issues in the groin, the restriction around the balls cause severe pain.

You may be able to wear the ball trap for a day or two. Wearing a full belt can cause the same problem.

Furthermore, the belt fits tight to provide enough security but the pressure of a front plate or to use a penis tube cause’s discomfort.

With a PA and full belt together, it can fit looser, making it more breathable in the sore spot. Now, this is where the men’s Slim Fit helps.  

What makes it so ideal you can wear it without piercings, but need to wear it a bit tighter?

Furthermore, the waistband fits comfortably on your waist or the hips.

The chastity belt has hypoallergenic black silicone over the steel cables. What’s more, the cord adjusts to a perfect fit with the 30mm standard tube.

So will the belt fit perfect immediately? No, you will have to make a few adjustments the first couple of days to find an ideal spot.

The best of all if you do not have tendinitis issues you can wear it tighter.

To add security, you can get an optional pullout shield on top of the tube and comes highly recommended.

How secure is the male chastity belt?

Fancy Steel Orgasm Denial

It is as secure as any other full belt. You can cut through the steel cable if you have bolt cutters.

Furthermore, you can cut through the waistband as well. At least you know it is a solution if ever you are stuck!

Do you know what makes it perfect? The design of the PA fixing is brilliant and a handy tool as it makes putting on the device simpler.

The unique pin you find sticking out the front of the tubing and attaches to a regular PA ring on the inside of the tube.

However, we recommend replacing it with a short jewelry chain to clasp the 4ga ring with the PA pin.

You can do this if you find the rings too big. Once locked in the chastity belt, you will not be able to access the chain on the inside of the tube for unclasping.  

Fancy Steel Chastity Comfort

Chastity Belt Comfort

The Fancy Steel Slim Fit Chastity belt is comfortable.

Once you try it yourself, the first thing you notice is a significant improvement over other belts.

The aircraft cable is on the rear section connecting the penis tube through the butt crack to the back of the belt.

Alternatively, you find the same cable on the waistband providing stealth under your clothes.

While it remains in the butt-crack and feels like getting a wedgie you do get used to it.

You may even find the sensation erotic and pleasurable as well.

Now how do you poop? Luckily you do get enough slack to pull the cable aside when having number two.  

Even the physical activity is fantastic with the chastity belt. You will be able to run, do weights, and cycle.

Sleeping with the Fancy Steel Chastity is good and better than wearing a ball trap.

Furthermore, you do wake up with a morning erection, and all you do is getting up, go pee.

The only minor issue you may find is the cable resting against your balls and becomes pinchy at times.

To solve this, you can use electrical tape and replace it once a week. Alternatively, you can always glue a piece of rubber instead.

Hygiene is excellent, and a squirt with a water bottle and soapy water through the penis tube does the trick.

Furthermore, you can use a swab to dry it off as well.

However, we recommend giving it a good cleaning twice a week at least.

Should You Buy the Fancy Steel Chastity Belt?

Slim Fit Sissification

If you want to prevent messing up your life with denial play, the Slim Fit belt is your solution.

You can wear it 24/7 for up to 60-hours straight without discomfort.

You may have to do some tweaking for it to fit perfectly. Cleaning the penis tube and belts easy and after a few days, you can remove it for a thorough cleaning.

There is no pain, sleepless nights, or skin irritations. On the other hand, the device is incredible, and you may even decide to order a 2nd one.

Measure yourself today and get this male chastity device!

Chastity Belt Measurement

So how do you measure yourself to order one of these Fancy Steel Chastity belts?

Take one of your leather belts and place it around your hips where you want it to sit comfortably. Now measure the length.

Furthermore, now that you have your waistband measurement, take the measuring tape and at the same height measure your crotch.

You have completed your measurements, so get online and order yourself one.

Furthermore, if you feel you do not want a wedgie the whole time, you can always consider the CB6000 male chastity cock cage instead.

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