Female Orgasm Denial – Why Get Off On Not Getting Off

For one, denying an orgasm is hot for many reasons. The most important one—it is all about being in charge. Females who take part in this kinky sex game give up control over their sexual release. It places them into a delicious subspace and drives them deeper into a place of surrender. Female Orgasm Denial is all about give up control over their sexual release

Female Orgasm Denial

‘Please do not stop… do not stop… I am going to…’

‘No you are not.’ The vibe moves away. You cry out in frustration, your clit throbs with the need your pussy tightens in eagerness while you are deprived of your orgasm.

This happens repeatedly. You are ready to cry out of desperation; you promise anything just for release.

Your partner unplugs the vibe. ‘Let us go and eat something. I am famished.’

At this point, you drop some unlikely phrases (we will not mention here) out of your mouth.

Female orgasm denial is one of the most bizarre kinks of all. For most women repeated orgasm defiance over a period makes you want it so badly it hurts (in a physical sense!) … but you want the frustration to go on and not end.

You want to beg and hear no at the same time. You need the delectable ache. No matter how long it takes from a week or more, you cannot forget about your nagging desires.

You are brought to the brink of climax, and then it stops (called ‘edging’) and feels like torture, but you love it. When you finally orgasm it is explosive. But why do woman love it—let us find out?

Female Orgasm Denial is All About Control

Female Orgasm Control

You are not in charge with what is happening to your body, so you might as well give up and enjoy it. The sensation of being out of control and trusting your partner with your body and mind is the keystone of that subspace you find yourself. Not only are you denied the pleasure, but also makes you more aware of your body as you are always horny.

After a couple of days, you get to a point where you can think yourself into a sexual frenzy (from the water in the shower running down your back to the brush of clothes against your nipples, sends an awareness straight to your pussy.) You feel your body is a sexual creature all the time.

The best of all you enjoy mind-blowing explosive climaxes at the end of the denial. Furthermore, your partner needs to be in control as they too are missing a climax (depending on their needs.)

What Kind of Orgasm Denial Are There?

A fact is that men and woman can take pleasure in orgasm rejection here are some of the main types:

  • Tease and refusal: your partner teases you until you are close to an orgasm, but not permitted to until your partner allows you.
  • Total denial: you cannot take part in any sexual activities (masturbation included) until allowed.
  • Ruined orgasm: when your orgasm is about to happen, your partner does something to stop it or can make it less satisfying.

Are You Interested in Exploring this Female Orgasm Denial Dynamic?

Sexual Restraint

As with any new kink, you need to take it slow and try new things out. The significant thing is to talk to your partner. Do not expect too much in the first week. Take an hour and move on to a day and slowly start working your way to a week or longer. It is not a competition, and the best is to do it that is hot for you and your partner. Here are some orgasm denial games to test you and your partner’s limits driving yourself wild.

The Chastity Belt for Her

Female Chastity Belt

To prevent you from satisfaction the chastity device is one of the most significant options if you enjoy total denial. The female chastity can include leather and metal belts consisting of a band placed around your waist. The belt also runs between your legs and prevents access to your cunt.

You can wear them underneath your clothing. These sexual devices can become expensive and the belts adjustable for the best fit. The biggest problem you will face is using the bathroom correctly and can lead to your partner unlocking you to use it making it kinkier.

You can purchase it with a combination or key padlock, and there are even some available that use wireless technology. Another great option is using rope bondage by creating a harness around the waist running between the legs. This prevents you from rubbing your clit.

Cock Cages for Him

Chastity Cock Cage

Compared to the female chastity belt the man chastity device is different. You can find some chastity cages that work with a harness or jock strap style. This gives your man a sexier and kinkier look. The device fits over your partner’s soft penis and locks it into place. You can buy the equipment in plastic or metal designs and prevents him from getting hard. Once aroused, the erections push against the cage and remain the same size. Compared to female orgasm denial the cock cage is more sadistic than a chastity belt.

App-enabled Female Orgasm Denial Control Toy

App-Enabled Orgasm Denial Sex Toy

There are many app-enabled sexual control toys available you can buy. You use an app to be in charge of the vibration patterns to taunt or edge your partner to the threshold of orgasm—and with their remote powers; they can turn it off at the right moment.

How to Ruin Your Partners Orgasm Leading  

Orgasm Denial

This form of female orgasm denial is one of the most exciting sex rejection types. Right before you are about to come, your partner stops with what he/she is doing and makes it disappointing for you. Here you can enjoy pain or even discomfort by switching between stimulation and use spanking. The essential thing is to pay attention to your own (or partners’) response and best to not change things too soon or too late. You do not want to ruin the orgasm too quickly, but instead, wait a bit longer allowing it to happen without hindrance.

Tips for Female Orgasm Denial Play

Communication is the answer if you want to experiment with edging, chastity play, or any other form of orgasm power. Discuss it with your loved one about what allures you. You need to chat about it first, and if you are the one being edged you need to provide your partner with feedback. He/she needs to know when you are close to tipping over the threshold. If you plan to make use of application enabled sex toys, you need to practice together using the toy before bringing long-distance into play. Furthermore, this means you do not have to squander your precious time reading instructions or even downloading an app.

Does Female Orgasm Denial Work For Everyone?

Female Orgasm Denial

Do you have a lower sex drive? Not being able to have an orgasm might be beneficial to rev up your sexual appetite, especially if not allowed to orgasm. However, there are females with a low sex drive that find it difficult to have an orgasm, and may not the right solution to solve the problem.

You know your body, so best to keep that in mind before deciding on female orgasm denial. Do not focus on the bedroom experience alone. Both you and your partner need to be excited and frustrated with it.

Whether you decide on using your hands, chastity play, sex toys, or edging (orgasm denial) is a great way to discover your body and assess the effect of taunt and deprivation on the control of your orgasms.

It is a fun game for many, and the best of all you do not need a partner to get started—have fun!

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