Male Chastity Captions and Dreams

Male Chastity Captions

Keyholders, you do not always have the time to fulfill your caged man’s desires, do you!

Caged men, we know you love a bit of teasing, even when your master cannot provide it right!

On the other hand, maybe you are considering male chastity and still unsure!

Luckily, you can solve all of these problems with male chastity captions and dreams.

With the following captions we have here, it is not only erotic but also each woman declares how they want to capture your dick to turn it into putty using their hands.

Male Chastity Captions the Discrete Viewing Pleasure

Chastity Play Locked Up

Are you living out your male chastity fantasy?

Has your master or mistress denied you the sexual gratification and pleasure sensation that comes with it?

Perhaps you are thinking about it or fantasizing about male chastity? Did you know there is an outlet to fuel your male orgasm denial fantasy?

With male chastity captions, you can see if it truly turns you on.

You can visualize yourself in a situation where your man or woman denies you gratification dominating your sexual release.

Male chastity captions make it easier for you to visualize an arrangement between you and your partner.

Take the following chastity caption for instance:

Keyholder Male Chastity Caption

As you can see, there is a sexy woman. Doesn’t she look desirable, and she is looking directly at you.

So what is she telling you? She is telling you how forbidden an orgasm is in various ways.

Are you convinced enough that male chastity is for you? Has she teased you enough to persuade you? Not yet! What about the next one?


She wants you to turn your male chastity fantasy into a reality. She does not care if you have a girlfriend; your tiny caged cock belongs to her.

Furthermore, she knows you are playing to get yourself unlocked.

On the other hand, she wants your girlfriend to wear one of her chastity belts, and she may unlock you as she has the keys to both devices.

Now she has two slaves worshiping her. A fact is that she looks so tempting who does not want to lock them in a cock cage.

Turn Your Fantasy into Reality

Male Chastity Caption Keyholder

So if you want something to prepare you for real male chastity these captions are titillating to help.

Furthermore, each one will gauge you of how much the concept of chastity and orgasm denial excites you to make sure that it is what you want.

There are different captions available you can observe to tickle your specific desires, and you can show it to your partner.

With the male chastity captions, it gives them an idea or motivation why you desire to be chastised.

There are many options to start with your denial play fantasy.

Fendom Chastity

You can refrain from orgasm with your will power, or you can get yourself a male chastity device!  

By doing honor chastity is not easy and more complicated than using a device.

Both ways the choice is up to you and the best way to ease both you and your partner’s imagination is with male chastity captions.

It will give you a better understanding of your desires.

Hand-Picked Selection of Erotic Male Chastity Captions

Not convinced yet look at these seductive images to fuel your chastity wet dreams.

Kinky Sex Play

These sexy dominants have the minimum on, enticing and reminding you how badly you want to touch but can’t.  

Sexual Denial

Maybe you have a chastity fantasy in your mind we have a caption that is fit for you. Browse as you please but remember no touching or orgasms!

Male Chastity Captions
Orgasm Denial
Sexual Denial Play
Sexual Release

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