Male Chastity Stories

Male Chastity Stories

Male Chastity Stories is one of the best ways to find out more about the fetish that many males fantasize about.

For the best inspiration to learn more about the fixation read the interesting male chastity story sent in by one of our followers.

Read about his sexual longing. Find out how he ended up in celibacy, becoming the bitch of his master.

Male Chastity Stories: My Cock Cage Fantasy

Male Cock Cage

My male chastity stories are plenty and originated from the first moment I saw a gorgeous cock locked in a CB-3000.

My eyes stayed focused on the image, and I was keen to try it myself.

The thought of locking my dick up and the desire of no control IF ever I get my cocked unlocked to cum was building up inside me.

With the image in my mind, I stroked myself reaching multiple orgasms.

The desire of getting information about chastity, especially orgasm denial and forced chastity stuck to my mind for months.

My Male Chastity Story Becomes a Reality

Male Chastity Bondage

Eventually, my dream became a reality.

I started posting on various sites wanting to find out what it would be like to submit myself to another man, giving him control over my dick, and become his sissified slave.

Furthermore, the problem is I am overweight, and the chance of someone taking an older man as the sub is not likely to happen.

However, to my surprise, everything changed with one email.

”So you want to be my fucking slut? How bad do you want it? Master Don”

Attached was a picture of a gorgeous guy.

Loads of things went through my mind, but my cock became rock hard, and I started rubbing it through my pants.

“I replied I want it, bad master.” Minutes later, my master replied with his telephone number, and I phone him.

He answered: “Yes, bitch, are you horny for my dick up your ass?”

“I stuttered um yes.” At this moment, I was slobbering, and my dick was drooling pre-cum as well.

Master: “I’ve mailed you my address. Wear a tiny pair of shorts and be here in half-an-hour.” All I heard was the dial tone.

I printed the address, and it was not too far out of town. At that moment I was shaking, and my hard cock was throbbing.

I grabbed my shorts, put them on, and took a ride out to my chastity fantasy.

I walked up to the front door finding a note.
Male Chastity Stories Lust

It said,” Take off your shorts and head right in. Kneel on the floor.”

I dropped my pants, stepped inside, shut the door, and dropped to my knees. He came out down the hall, and I gasped, as his picture did not lie.

He was rock hard and said, “Come here, bitch and crawl on your knees and fucking hands.”

I followed him to the bedroom. “I am going to make your fantasy come true bitch.”

Rape my throat!

“Stand up!” I did as he commanded, and he put his hand on my purple straining cock. “Jerk off, bitch!”

A fact is it did not take long to fill his palm with my load.

Submissive Chastity

He rose up, “Eat it, you, cum whore!” I slurped my load. “Lick it clean!” “Place your hands behind your head and look away.”

In actual fact, I was trembling as he took my cock and placed a CB3000 around it. “Now you are my bitch!”

I looked down at my encased cock and felt sheer pleasure with a mix of terror.

The blood rushed to my penis, and the pain of my erection suddenly made me realize what happened to me.

“Get on your knees!” “Suck my dick!”

Gag-Fucked Male Chastity Story

I pulled as much of him into my throat as I could. “You got to do better than that!”

He grabbed my head tight in his hand and gag-fucked me.

To be honest, my eyes watered I smelt my bile and was unable to breathe.

He smiled and suddenly yanked his cock out and grabbed my hair with his other hand and yanked me back.

I opened my mouth and caught his sweet cum in time. I was panting like a puppy dog. “Guess what that’s just the appetizer, bitch!”

Then the fun began as he opened a drawer with toys galore as he tossed his leather bits to me. “Put these on!”

Whenever you visit me, you wear these. “Do you understand?” “Yes, sir, I understand.”

“Get on the fucking bed. Get your hole in the air and beg for it.” I did as my master commanded. I pleaded for him to make my hole his.

He laid me down on the bed, jabbed two fingers up my asshole, and scrubbed it with lube.

Seconds later, he forced himself on me with a massive thrust as I screamed into the mattress.

It hurt badly, and within a minute, my screams became pleasure moans as he raped me in my ass.

Once he came, he pulled his cock out and said, “Lick it clean until I am satisfied!”

After giving him a cleaning, he pulled me up and gave me a deep, caressing kiss.

He Chained Me under His Bed

Submissive Slave

At this moment, I was in heaven as my male chastity story unfolded, as I wanted it to be.

The stud fucks me and owns me as he keeps me locked up in my cock cage.

Then suddenly, my daze was broken as he dragged me by my collar and fitted me with a muzzle.

He took a chain and threaded it through the collar and the foot of the bed.

He clipped cuffs to my wrist and ankles and placed a pillow under my head. “Good night cum whore!”

He climbed back into bed and turned the light off.

After a couple of minutes, he was snoring, and I slowly started to freak out while lying under the bed chained.

I am at the mercy of this gorgeous man.

I did not mention to anyone where I was going. Lying on the hardwood floor, I felt my burning hole and feeling my cock straining to get out.

Soon I drifted into a deep sleep.

However, my male chastity stories do not end here, as I have been coming back for more.

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