Top 10 Cock Cages to Lock The Dick

To enjoy days or weeks of sexual denial, you need one of the best cock cages available. After locking yourself up in one of these chastity cages every touch will feel supercharged after the lack of stimulation.

A fact is that male chastity cages have advanced over the years and suitable for long term use without causing discomfort. Regardless of your shape or size you can enjoy a chastise experience with any of the cock cages reviewed here.

You may find some of the chastity device expensive, but with the pain-free offering, it pays for itself.

Top Male Chastity Cage Recommendation

Are you in the market to get your hands on the best cock gage? Then we are pleased to recommend the following top ten chastity cages for you to try.

FYJ Medical Chastity Device

FYJ Chastity Cage

For a number one pick with reliable and function build the FYJ comes with a reasonable price. The chastise device is all about functionality and utility compared to branding.

However, do not let the low price make you feel that it is not worth buying you are wrong. A fact is that the quality is exceptional and offers outstanding comfort.

Furthermore, you get several ring sizes with your sex toy for a perfect fit. You will not get pinched, and it does not show under your clothing, offering you a discrete fit.

As it has a lightweight fit, you can wear it for hours, days, to months. The plastic material is flexible, and the shaft points down as well.



For a leader in male cock cages, we present you with an industry-standard made with quality material. Whether you are into sissy chastity or femdom chastity the CB6000 will serve its purpose well.

No matter what your size, it works well with the wide selection of rings. Furthermore, it creates low pressure and is well made. Sometimes the ring under the scrotum can feel snug and best to check your size before you buy.

Another benefit is that when you put it on, you do not need added lubricant as it works perfectly out of the box. If you are already committed to chastity this is the device you need to have.

Best Budget Chastity Option Happygo

Happygo Chastity Device

Here we have a high-quality chastity cage that features a great ergonomic design. The modular device allows you to switch out the rings for a snug fit.

The Happygo does not have a quality lock, and you can switch it out with a brand lock and key instead. If you want to try out chastity without spending a fortune this device is the one to try.

Furthermore, it has a stainless steel construction with three sized rings.

Therefore, you can enjoy easy cleaning without fuss.

Utimi Chastity Cock Cage

Chastity Cock Cage

Included with the cock cage you get three sized rings to keep your cock lock up. The only thing the chastity device does not do is conceal well when wearing light clothing.

Furthermore, it is heavier than most other models and causes a dragging effect. However, the cage does point outward instead of downwards as well.

One more important note is that you will need to apply it with lubricant to fit comfortably. On the other hand, the metal offers a secure fit.

KHD Espresso 3D Printed Chastity Device

3D Printed Chastity Cage

Do you need a comfort fit male chastity cage made for the future? You will love this X3 3D printed device. With the printing, you get a perfect fit cock cage made with the material instead of ink.

So if you are one of those men not able to fit in most chastity belts, this may be the option. You can get it in a wide selection of dimensions to order online.

Alternatively, you can select from five tube lengths, and the silicone plastic is lightweight. The only complaint is that the material used to construct the device has a rough fine grain that can become irritating on the skin.

The Holy Trainer V3

Holy Trainer V3 Cage

For compact femdom chastity, you need the Holy Trainer V3 model. You can hide it without issues and comes with five tube sizes for a perfect fit.

The fabric is non-petroleum based that helps reduce poking and irritation. The V3 is made for men with an active lifestyle and performs well when you walk or run.

Unfortunately, the only issue is that there is no material separating the ring from the tube and can cause some discomfort when wearing tight underwear.

For some sissies, the soft material also does not provide enough security depending on how small your penis gets.

Anti-masturbate Bird Cage

Anti-masturbate Bird Cage

You can lock your man up with this birdcage to prevent masturbation. The device looks similar to the holy trainer model and comprises of resin available in two sizes.

You get four ring sizes included and have a lightweight feel that is concealable. Furthermore, the external padlock is customizable to replace with a high-end lock.

Unfortunately, there are minor complaints that it has rough plastic edges, causing discomfort and noticeable on the rings. However, you can remedy it by sanding it down with grain sandpaper.

Uleade Steel Metal Cage

Metal Cage

With the metal cock cage from Uleade, you can bar your man from touching or getting an orgasm. Furthermore, the stainless steel design prevents an erection as well.

So you can please him and seduce him without the cage, causing discomfort. The material is hypoallergenic and comes with three chrome-plated rings. Included you get a lock and key as well.

The price is affordable and comfortable to wear for days. Furthermore, there is no need for removing the chastity cage for cleaning as you can easily reach into the curves with an earbud.

Tcamp Male Chastity Device

Tcamp Cock Cage

The following cock cage has a transparent design with five different ring sizes available. There is a went on the cage portion to help make urinating simpler.

Furthermore, it has a medical-grade construction that is safe on your private parts. Even putting the device on only takes a couple of minutes and comfortable to wear underneath your clothing.

The tube is comfortable and easy to assemble without problems. The only problem is the rings that have huge gaps in them that can cause discomfort for some men.

Chasteness Male Beginners Metal Device

Beginner Chastity Device

No matter what your size, you can find a perfect fit with the Chasteness beginners cock cage. The device has a stainless steel structure and ideal to use for sissy chastity.

Furthermore, it is waterproof to use in the shower or bath. The material is rustless with a smooth exterior and available in different sizes ranging from 40mm, 45mm, to 50mm.

Included it also comes with a urine tube to help with urinating. The design is flawless, and one thins sure no one will notice your little secret when worn.

Get Your Cock Cage Today 

Anti-masturbation Device

No matter what form of chastity you are into from a beginner to expert male chastise each of these cock cages can help keep your hands where it belongs.

So if you are interested in keeping your penis locked up, try any of these cock cages on the list. You will not be disappointed.

Dominix Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage Review

Dominix Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage

The Dominix Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage is excellent for the man who is into complete submission and orgasm denial for the first time.

Therefore, if you want to surrender control of your dick to your keyholder (hot right), you need a comfortable male chastity device to achieve this.

You do not want your balls going blue or cold, right! You want to play safe, remain comfortable without it causing pain or discomfort.

So if you want to kink up your sex life, get a cock cage to trap the balls and dick while staying safe. You need the Chastity Cock Cage from Dominix Deluxe.

Unboxing the Dominix Deluxe Cock Cage


First impressions might not look like much when you remove the male prison cock cage from the box.

At first, it does not look special and comprises of a stainless steel chastity sex toy for men with a penis lock and ring.

Furthermore, you get two keys included one for the keyholder and spare one to keep safe in case the other one does not want to work.

What’s more, you will notice it does not come over fearsome as a device to lock up your dick tight.

However, it does have a durable stainless steel construction that does not bend easily.

Now you may think about how this device can hold your precious cargo secure. The truth the stainless steel structure and padlock are sufficient to achieve this.

On the other hand, it also does not come with a separate locking pin that could break.  

Locking Your Cock with the Steel Chastity Cock Cage

Sissification Device

The most awkward part you will find placing the Dominix Deluxe chastity cock cage is pushing your balls through the ring.

However, once achieved, putting on the rest of the device is like a walk in the park.

You slide your penis through into the penis cage, push the pin on the ring through the cock cage, and lock it in place.

Compared to the other male chastity devices like the CB-X CB-3000, the male cock cage from Dominix Deluxe is simple to put on with a bit of lube and practice.

You will find putting it on quickly without much effort.

Will it hold Your Dick without Breaking Out?

Dominx Deluxe Chastity

So how durable and secure is the Stainless Steel Chastity Cock Cage? Here is where the long-term man sex toy is stealthy enough to prevent orgasms.

Furthermore, we would not say it is not possible to stimulate yourself, as it is likely. However, getting an erection or orgasm is not promising.

If your keyholder feels you should have no stimulation at all, the prison case is a debatable choice.

Compared to other brand models that come with a strap, this one does not include one you can cut to remove it with the padlock.

Dominix Deluxe Prison Cock Cage Comfort

Are you concerned, as a first-time chastity device user the prison cock cage might be uncomfortable? Let us share a secret with you!

When it comes to practicality and comforts, this is where it shines. You have no interlocking parts with zero risks of your skin pinching becoming painful.

On the other hand, the orgasm denial device is comfortable enough for you to wear during activities. You can walk miles with it, cycle, go rock climbing, and gym.

Furthermore, you will quickly forget you have a sissification device on your dick.

For comfort, the stainless steel cages are ideal, and there is no bulge visible when you wear it with tight pants.

Delectable Male Chastity Cock Cage

For long-term use, the device is durable and only leaves 0.5 inches for your balls to rest.

On the front, you do have a delectable teasing opening and helps with making cleaning easier.

Furthermore, when it comes to hygiene, you will have no problem keeping your dick and the cock cage clean.

Should You Buy the Dominix Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage

Orgasm Denial

Yes! The metal cock cage measures 2.5 inches in length. Furthermore, it provides 4.5 inches of restrictive fit on the inside. The fantastic thing is it does not cause discomfort even with an erection.

The solid ball ring keeps the cage secure in place and has a simple two-piece design making it easier to use.

On the other hand, you have an open cock ring with ample ventilation for bodily functions and cleaning.

On things sure, you will not be masturbating anymore, and it’s perfect for exploring chastity and sissification.

Further, you can wear it short or long term as this boy gives you comfort.

The product is of high quality with a smooth feel to the skin and gives a snug fit at the same time.


Water Based Lube

Lock Your Cock

Male Chastity what is it and how can you get into this kink? You are in luck as we are going to discuss all the joys and torments of cock/penis cages or chastity cages.

Here you can find everything you need to know about this ancient practice! Furthermore, you can find steps on how to start with the kink if you are new to it or want to buy a device.



Male Chastity

One question that comes to most couples’ minds is what the secret is to have a healthy relationship? To answer the question it depends on the person you ask.

For many couples, the male chastity device inspires honesty and openness in the relationship. The metal or plastic cage fits over the man’s genital making it impossible to get an erection.

Furthermore, it prevents the man from engaging in sexual activities as well. The device you wear around the head and shaft of your penis.

The penis tubes held in place with a testicle ring and you can add some of them to a waist harness if preferred.

Once the cock cage is locked, you enter into enforced male chastity, and having an erection becomes uncomfortable.

A fact is that most BDSM enthusiasts use the toy for play, and the wearer becomes the submissive giving up his or her power to the dominant holding the key.

Do you want to enjoy enforced chastity?

Chastity Belts

There are many reasons why both men and women enjoy enforced chastity. Here are some of them:


Sexual Denial & Tease

With sexual denial and tease, it increases the tension exponentially as there is nothing you can do about it.

You savor the moment than racing into an orgasm as most couples do. As an example, you will start with a naughty message while both of you are at work when doing vanilla texting.

All you can do is bite your lip, wait to get home and smile while enjoying the passion worked up throughout the day. With the chastity cage, it does the same job but is stricter.






Sexual Release

Since you cannot masturbate nor have intercourse while wearing your cock cage, the pleasure comes when you are allowed to take it off.

Therefore, your orgasm is more intense, especially when your Dom makes you wear it for weeks on end.








Sex Drive

No matter for what reasons you are in a male chastity device from humiliation, feeling you need to do some naughty, or it is taboo it increases the arousal providing you with a fantastic sex drive.

Alternatively, it can be because you want to spice up your sex life to shake things up or try something new.





BDSM is all about punishment, dynamics, and rewards. Furthermore, it makes up part of your submissive training to boost good behavior and helps discourage wrong actions.


During chastity and BDSM play the relationship of the D is to have physical power or ownership over the sub.

They control his or her body and sexual pleasure. Therefore, your dick belongs to your partner and is locked up.


Enforced Chastity

No matter what level of play you partake in BDSM, both the Dom and Sub need to be SAFE, SANE, SOBER, and CONSENSUAL.

Therefore you need to make sure to use a Safe Word to prevent anything from going wrong. Furthermore, it is the Dom who needs to make sure it is pleasurable and fun and done in a safe environment.

For example, you are wearing your male chastity device for a week.

Your partner is out of town, and you have visible swelling leading to danger and need to remove the device. All you need to do is text with a safe word to your Dom to grant you freedom from the device.


Behaioural Correction Male Chastity


The goal you want to reach wearing a male chastity device is a perfect fitting and comfortable one.

  • Ring Sectionthe ring needs to fit around the penis base and scrotum snug and not slip off. You do not want to have cock and ball torture. If the rings to lose it will not remain on you, and you do not want it too tight preventing blood circulation.
  • Penis Lengthchoosing the tube length the tip of your penis presses at the end of the cage. There must not be compression, and it should not be too short. You do not want discomfort. Furthermore, if it is too long it will not prevent erection and urination becomes disastrous.
  • Penis Diameter when measuring, you need to take your (flaccid) penis into consideration to feel comfortable. It must not be too tight preventing movement as it can cause skin irritation. Furthermore, it should not be too loose, or you will get a full erection.

Therefore, you are aiming for a penis cage that is not too tight or too loose.


Cock Ring

Fitting the ring is the most challenging part of taking loads of time and effort. Do not skip this part and choose the one you think is close enough. Here is how you do it:

  • Start by using a soft measuring tape and measure around your smooth scrotum and penis. Use the initial measurement as a guide to get the number and head to the next step.
  • Now you have two choices to buy an affordable cock ring set by going online or visiting a store to buy a metal ring. Whether you buy online or visit a store, make sure they have your IM available in the set. Alternatively, you can pick a measurement in the middle. Furthermore, make sure to buy more than one ring with a size smaller than a ¼ -inch increment.
  • Now that you have your ring put it around your soft scrotum and penis.
  • To make sure you have a comfortable fit, you need to able to stick your finger between your penis and the ring. If it is tight you can do the next step. However, if you cannot fit your finger in then move up a size. If you have too much room use a size smaller.
  • Once you have the correct ring leave it there, take a walk around the house you can even wear it to work and bed. Do this for a few days so that you can adjust your fit to smaller or bigger.

Here the important thing is to be able to wear the ring without it causing discomfort. Now if you are one of those men not able to find a perfect fit even with a ¼ inch difference, then you are between ⅛ of an inch difference.


Chastity Cage Fitting

Installing the penis cage is also tricky but more manageable than finding the right fit for a ring. Here you will need a ruler and measure under your penis by resting the tip on the ruler.

Now take the measurement where your tip ends. The important thing is that you need to be flaccid and relaxed.

On the other hand, you can take measurements at different times of the day and if in doubt go shorter.

The next step is to fit the penis diameter by placing your flaccid penis on the ruler and measure how wide it is.

Now subtract ½ an inch for a snug fit, and if you want the approximate circumference you can multiply the diameter by 3.14.  Take a soft measuring tape and measure around the penis and compare the number.


The important thing you need to remember is that not all chastity devices are the same. Several designs meet the different needs of sexual play. Here are some accessories you can look at:

CB 6000

CB6000 Chastity Cage

The CB6000 is known as the white brand with basic construction. However, you can find it with other titles as well.

The device is made up of a ring with a molded shaft and head section. There is a slit at the end for urination.

You can find it in a curved tube design instead of an end section shaped like your penis head. Some have cages instead of slits at the end. While others offer you a detachable tip, you can remove.





Metal Bar

There are also different ways to fit the cock cage with a ring around your penis, a metal bar running along the penis (found in the Birdcage) or you can get a combination of both creating a web-like pattern.









Metal & Ventilated Cock

Alternatively, another distinction found in male chastity devices is how much skin is shown and how much you can feel when wearing it.

  • Open End – here the end comes off, leaving you with your head exposed and allows for stimulation.
  • Partially Closes – as seen in the CB 6000 that offers no stimulation and mostly closed.
  • Caged – here you have the metal bars providing ventilation and restricts stimulation.
  • Completely Closed – the cock cage allows for no form of stimulation and has no ventilation. Furthermore, you need to remove the cage to urinate.

On the other hand, you can also get an extra short-shaft to long-length design if you do need it.


Body Safe

When choosing a body-safe material we recommend you look at one made with medical grade stainless steel.

Another great alternative is titanium, silicone, or polycarbonate plastic. For a lightweight penis cage, you can look at plastic as you can cut the connecting pin with a wire cutter in emergencies.

For the beginner, you can look at one made with silicone as it warms up faster. To remove the device all you need is a pair of scissors.

If you do not mind the added weight, you can opt-in one made with metal. However, when it comes to the device there are some safety aspects to consider. The first is the metal that is hard to cut through in emergencies.

Furthermore, if you travel a lot, the likeliness is that you will beep at metal detectors. Choosing leather and TPE/TPR rubber or novelty cages of jelly all have risks.

The leather is hard to clean while TPE/TPR rubbers porous and the ones made from jelly are sometimes toxic.


  • What type of play are you planning to do? Are you wearing it for fun or long term? If you plan to wear it long term we recommend getting one with ample ventilation but still restricting stimulation. Choosing a partially closed model is the best option for long-term wear.
  • The curve of the tubes just as essential and should downwards make it more discreet to wear in public.
  • Another vital feature is the lock as you find ones with built-in locks, security screws, disposable locks, and padlocks.
  • Then you get two ring options, the solid and hinged one. With a hinged cage, you open it and place it behind your balls and close while the solid one is difficult and leaves you no room for error.
  • Do you want extras? Some of the models you can use with a urethra that goes up the dick, or you can use it with other sex toys attached as well.


Male Chastity Device Shop

Depending on your needs you can find sellers offering you custom made cages based on your measurements. These devices can become costly, so if you want something without spending a fortune to try you can find cheaper devices available as well.

Here are some reliable shops you can find male chastity devices:

  • House of Denial has some excellent models sold at reasonable prices
  • Lovehoney is another tremendous male chastity device shop that sells more than just cock cages
  • Sub Shop has a big selection available but costly.
  • Extreme Restraint also has a wide selection of BDSM, sex toys, and chastity cages at a high price tag
  • The Stock Room also sells beautiful collection chastity belts for men and women.

Furthermore, for more affordable chastity devices, you can look at Ali Express and Amazon as well. However, if you want the best craftsmanship you can look at the other shops mentioned above.


Water Based Lube

Now you have your chastity belt, but what is the best way to get it on? You start by using your hands and lube.

However, if you have a hinged ring, all you need to do is open it and fit it around the penis and scrotum.

If you have a solid ring and needs a gentle pinch of scrotal skin at the bottom to get it through the loop, now you push one testicle at a time through.

Bend your penis down and place the tube section. Another thing you can do is put some lube around the glands as it makes things simpler. We recommend using a water-based lube as it dries automatically afterward.

Another alternative method is the stocking one where you put the ring on as usual. Now take knee-length hosiery and cut both ends off. Place the hose through the cage with both ends sticking out.

Place your penis in the stocking and close up the cage. Now slowly pull the hose through the other end, and your penis is in place.

You can wear it for a day or two to see how comfortable the male chastity cage is and if you need another one different.


Chastity Hygiene

Make sure to give the cock cage a daily cleaning if you plan on wearing it for a few hours a day. After cleaning it with soap, make sure it is dry before placing it back in its bag.

For long-term chastity play, you still need to do daily washing while wearing it. You can use warm water and soap preferably an anti-bacterial one.

Furthermore, you can use a cotton swab to reach those hard-to-reach places. Importantly remember to clean around the crotch as well.

Always keep it thoroughly dried after washing by using a heater or fan, and you are good to go. What is more, with long-term chastity you need to set out one day to remove the cage and give it a thorough cleaning.

Now is the time to inspect your privates for scrapes, irritations, and cuts.

Other Vital Things to Remember with Male Chastity

  • Peeing is not going to be comfortable with a cage. Some men find it easier to sit down as it keeps the process cleaner. Furthermore, remember to always dry when finished.
  • Ventilations are another concern if you plan on wearing the device long-term. Therefore, it is better to buy one that is well ventilated.
  • Sleeping also provides some discomfort as you can get nighttime erections. If you do wake up with pain, it is best to remove the cage and inspect yourself. Preferably buy another model instead.
  • Lastly, to prevent hygiene problems, we suggest you keep things trimmed down there. The shorter the hair it stop pulling and pinching.


Kinky Pleasure

Each person has his or her reason what they with a chastity device. However, no matter what you use your device for whether it is for sexual pleasure, sexual release, or behavior correction, we hope you find a suitable one to wear.

Furthermore, we hope that the male chastity device guide shows you all the ins and outs related to chastity play as well.

Now take a deep relaxing breath and let it out. You are done, and we thank you for reading until the end.

If you have something, you would like to share, feel free to provide feedback in the comments.

Have a stimulating day talk soon, Alfre.


Tenga Egg – Male Masturbator


Tenga Egg Review get a pleasure-oriented sex toy for your man today.

You will be amazed at how compact the man’s sex toy is. Yes, it looks like those delicious Kinder Joy eggs with the surprise toy.

However, once you unwrap the small package—there will be more than joy going on. So, what is the Tenga Egg?

The sex toy for men comprises of a pleasing texture and provides a single use (but does not have to so keep reading.)

The truth is there is a lot more to this egg than you can ever imagine!

Therefore, if you want to know more, read the Tenga Egg Masturbator Review here.

Bring the Tenga Egg Series into Your Sex Life


Tenga Egg masturbation sleeves you can buy as a single item or you can purchase it in a pack of six.

Alternatively, it is a great way to introduce your man to male sex toys.

Further, it is one of the best less-expensive ways to give your lover a new sensation as the variety offers you more than only the textures.

So what are the first impressions of the egg masturbators from TENGA?

Tenga Egg Masturbator Design

Well, what do you think?

I thought it looked non-kinky with the overall design and packaging.

On the other hand, it does not look like a serious man sex toy!

Nevertheless, it does provide penis-centric delight once you crack it open and quite familiar even if your guy has not ever touched a pleasure toy.

On the inside, the Tenga Egg has all the feel-good stuff making it different from condoms.

There are twenty-three varieties available and all of them wrapped in a plastic shell.

Masturbating Sleeve Line-Up

The popular ones are the Clicker, Silky, Twister, Stepper, Spider, and Wavy

On the outside, it has a graphic representation, but what is inside is what makes the Tenga Egg sex toy pleasurable.

Furthermore, the casing opens and closes quickly to throw the condom-like toy away once used.

So how does Tenga Egg feel like?

It feels little rubbery and stretches over the cock.

The egg comes with a mini tube carrying lube and unfolds out to a condom size package. You remove the tube to use the lube get the picture.

On the other hand, the truth is all men have tried to posh wank into a condom.

Compared to condoms, the fabrics thicker, it stretches more and sensual proving pleasure.

Boys this is not a contraceptive device so do not use it as one—nine months later, oops Johnny comes out!

Additionally, it is a hideable sex toy for men, and you can place it in your trouser pocket.

They are perfect for business trips, getaways, and romantic endeavors. (Mm secret wanking boys with a thrill to it!)

Tenga Egg Silky

 Silky Masturbating Sleeve

Therefore, if you want an all-around sweet spot, the Tenga Egg Silky offers a natural sensation with extra.

For the most BJ-like using the correct technique, you will love the Tenga Egg Wavy.

Twister Tenga Egg

 Twister Masturbating Sleeve

For a new feeling, try the Twister Tenga Egg, and for a bit of the Silky and Wavy, you must have the Spider.

Tanga Clicker

Clicker Masturbating Sleeve

However, if you get the Clicker, you need the right finger touches to get all excited.

Also, the most gentle of them all is the Stepper that gives a light and fluttery touch.

Tenga Easy Beat Egg Use


Now that it is cracked open and the lube tubes removed—squeeze the lube from the packet into the pouch and squish it around the outside to coat the inside.

With a gentle twist and squeeze, you put it on like a condom. What happens?

Small amounts of the lube make contact with the tip of the dick and glide on naturally.

Now that it is comfortably on the cock, you have many ways to use it for different sensations.

All you need to do is change your hand movement and pressure points with your fingers.

On the inside of the egg, you have the extra tingling sensation and a major upgrade compared to using the hand.

It is like masturbating with standard stroking as the texture does the work.

Tenga Egg allows you to even use a combination of moves and sequences with twisting, finger pushes, finger swirls, back and forth.

On the other hand, they make for great partner play as well. Furthermore, they make the best male toys to use.

The small size is easy to use with only one hand and feels more intimate as your man can feel the pressure from the hand.

The biggest part is you contain the mess if you want it to be. Alternatively, you can become creative and use it as a female toy as well.

Using the Tenga Easy Beat Egg Men’s Portable Pleasure Device as a Female Toy

You may be wondering what how do you do that? You turn the Tenga Egg inside out with the texture outside.

Slip it over the finger and glide it gently around over your clit for the best sensation ever.

Alternatively, you can slip it over a small vibe or spread it over your Hitachi Wand instead.

Do not throw it away reuse the Tenga Egg

Easy Beat Eggs offer you a single-use. The truth is you are going to love the explosive feeling you will want more.

Therefore if you do not want to generate loads of trash from masturbating use them again.

Alternatively, if you want to dispose of the evidence, immediately do it as it goes back into the plastic shell and closes up for disposal.

Now if you want to be less wasteful, you can clean it with toy cleaner and give it a dry to use it up to three times.

However, make sure to check it as it will become gross and time to throw away.

Furthermore, it does have a synthetic smell you will notice when you open it for the first time.

Should You Buy the Tenga Easy Beat Lovers Eggs

 Spice up Your Sex Life

Yes, if you want to spice up your sex life or introduce your man to his own personal sex toy.

The Tenga Egg Variety 6-pack assortment is affordable to buy, and you can get them online.

However, if you do not want to purchase them online head over to your local sex shop to find the Tenga Eggs you want.

You will love using it with your partner and a great way to add sensation to partner play.

You can even use it solo as a penis toy—go ahead and try one today.