Holy Trainer Nub- Teeny-tiny male chastity cage

V3 Nub Snug as a Bug

The Holy Trainer Nub is a teeny-tiny male chastity device that is snug as a bug yet does its job!

While writing this Holy Trainer V3 Nub review, one thing came to mind wow this thing is small!

Here we have one of the extreme smaller versions of all chastity cock cages. So how does one include terms like cage or tube, as it does not make sense?

Actually, it looks more like a cup with a small penis sized peanut. Yes, we know you are thinking will this thing work.

Let us tell you something, stay a while, and find out with this Holy Trainer Nub review.      

Holy Trainer Nub Design

Holy Trainer Nub Review

When you look at other male chastity devices from Holy Trainer like the CB3000 or CB6000, you know they are comfortable with the size.

A fact is that the smaller sized the chastity device, the better.

Furthermore, the closer the celibacy device tube is to the size of your erection, the less comfortable you will feel.

However, what can you expect with the Nub without the non-existent tube?

Can you even feel comfortable in it? How easy will it be to pee?

Will you be able to get your penis head through without getting a rubbing sensation in your pants?

The truth is the V3 Nub solves all these issues as the tube lines perfectly with the urethra presenting if forward than down.

So there is no trickling out the ends, giving you a natural experience.


Furthermore, the opening remains in the correct place and has a raised lip that protects the tip of your cock from making contact with the surface of your underwear.

Holy Trainer Nub Comfort

You will barely notice you have it on even when commando.

Whether you are walking in the street or sleeping in the bed lying on your stomach, there is no sensation of the sheets.

On the other hand, the Nub is 0.98 inches in length with a 1.3-inch inside diameter.

Furthermore, it has one air vent and is resistant to all detergents and solvent.

You get five ring sizes available to get a perfect fit.

The HT-V3 Nub Keeps Content at Rest and Engaged

Male Chastity Nub

One thing the Holy Trainer V3 Nub is good at is concealing your contents with the unique tube flange.

The flange protrudes behind the base ring and gives a comfortable fit.

Therefore, your dicks not squished down like a snake available in a can of nuts.

What the flange does is keep the loose skin on the shaft. The flange actions hot and give a snug, secure feeling fit.

this reason, it turns your dick into an internal organ.

Whether it is hard or limps, it remains inside your body, and eventually, you feel as if you do not have a dick anymore.

For men wanting to do sissification, this device comes highly recommended.  

Once you have an erection, it manifests as a bulge behind the chastity device.

The Nub May Look Uncomfortable But is It?

Now you may think having an erection in the v3 Nub feels uncomfortable. In fact, it is not even when the penis is trying to escape and erect.

The ball-device does not pull against your testicles while getting an erection. You do not feel ball pain from the tight ring as the erection part that is the thickest is not through the ring.

Only the head of the penis is through the ring. So from a stealth perspective, nothing excels more than the Holy Trainer Nub.

Therefore, while walking in town and getting an erection, no one will even notice.

On the other hand, the bulge consists mostly of the balls.

Health Concerns Wearing the Nub

Chastity Device Health Care

Not this is where the tricky part comes in with the male chastity device.

As the equipment fits, so snug, it is challenging to get soapy water inside and behind it.

Therefore, the best solution is to remove the penis from behind the device to give it a good cleaning and reinsert it again.

However, while this is not ideal for permanent chastity, it is the most efficient way to keep your privates clean.

Furthermore, it also depends if you do have a PA and a piercing then you may find some leakage of urine trapped in the plastic.

However, if you do not have the latter wearing the Nub is very hygienic.

Should You Buy the Male Chastity Device?

Holy Trainer Nub

Compared to other trapped-ball devices not fixed with piercing or a PA, it feels snug but is not more secure than another one.

On the other hand, a fantastic male chastity device is useful without causing discomfort.

If you are not a lover of steel devices, you can wear the Holy Trainer v3 Nub for weeks at a time.

You will quickly find out it is your go-to travel chastity device that minimizes your contents.

For sissification, nothing comes close to it, as you will feel as if you do not have a cock making it ideal for your fantasy role-play or orgasm denial.

Therefore, The Holy Trainer Nub is, in every way a definite consideration for self-restraint and self-denial.     

Female Chastity Belts

Female Chastity

For the Kinky and Curious

Welcome, Female Chastity Belt Kinksters and even a big greeting to the curious at heart.

Today we will be looking at the best female chastity belts to get the kink on!

These metal monsters (not so metal anymore) that BDSM practitioners adore.

However, do not expect a history lesson nope we will share some of the top modern chastity belts made for you.

Furthermore, with these chastity belts, you can restrict your lover from sexual release for a couple of hours to a month or a year (with safe removal and regular hygiene, of course.)

You will have control over their actions and behaviors by teasing and giving them denial.

The device is even great for BDSM games, Aesthetic Eroticism and Humiliation or Torture.

The choice of pleasures left up to you!

However, before we discuss chastity play devices, there are some basic rules!

The Four Basic Rules of Female Chastity Belts

Chastity Belt Female

So what are these rules you need to follow when it comes to permanent chastity and chastity play?

  • Safe
  • Sane
  • Sober
  • Consensual

However, safety is one of the most important, as you need to take extra caution if the device comes with locks.

Always make sure you get an extra key for you and your slave for emergencies.

Furthermore, before locking your slave in chastity belt female devices, make sure both of you know how to get out of the belt if ever the key gets lost.

Therefore, if you are nervous about using padlocks look at buying disposable locks instead. These locks are easier to get out of, as you only need a pair of scissors.

You can even consider using zip ties as well.


Chastity Play

The important thing is to decide if you want one for the show, casual play, or something more permanent.

Next, collect your accurate measurements to buy one that fits comfortable and correct.

Choose a female chastity device made of body-safe material and decide if you want to add accessories:

  • Like leg or waist straps
  • Functional chains
  • Removable sections or adjustable belt straps
  • Butt plugs or vaginal dildos
  • Timer options of locking mechanisms

Getting Back to the Materials

Depending on the chastity belt female device you choose, buying one with medical grade stainless steel or titanium is the safest to clean and wear.

There are other common materials such as silicone, polycarbonate, and ABS plastic.

However, try to prevent wearing TPE/TPR rubber or leather for long-term use.

They look fantastic, but keeping it sterilized is difficult as it is highly porous.

Furthermore, this does not only apply to the belt, but accessories included as well.

On the other hand, if you are new to orgasm denial or chastity play, we recommend you buy cheap and it will fit just as well.

So why buy cheap? If you find it is not something that interests you in the end, you did not spend a fortune on the device.

Furthermore, if you find you love it, you can adjust your measurements for a nicer one.

Where Can You Get One?

You can get one here with the following three best female chastity belts reviewed.

BDSM Stainless Steel Silicone Female Chastity Belt


The chastity belt you can buy in three stunning colors blue, black, and pink. The sizes available are for a waist 60-90cm and 90-110cm.

Furthermore, the Black Emperor has a stainless steel and titanium construction with a silicone liner for comfort.

What’ s more, you will find cleaning it easy. On the other hand, it has a silicone band around the belt, and the waistline adjusts for a comfortable fit.

Alternatively, if you have a large waistline and cannot find your fit, the supplier will customize a fit for you.

Another fantastic thing is the surface is smooth, and you will find cleaning it a breeze.

The crotch size is adjustable to meet various ass sizes, and it provides a perfect fit without falling off and convenient to use.

Included you get a padlock with three keys, but if you prefer you can replace it with a disposable lock instead.

On the other hand, the chastity belts ideal for sex games and suitable for wearing for a couple of days.

Stainless Steel Female Chastity Belt with Anal Plug


In the Black Emperor collection, you can buy the chastity belt for females with or without anal and vaginal plugs.

The female underwear has a stainless steel and silicone structure for comfort.

Around the stainless steel belt, you have the soft silicone band to prevent chafing.

You can buy it in various sizes ranging from 64-70cm/ 70-76cm/ 76-82cm/ 82-88cm/ 88-96cm (optional).

If you find your size is not available, you can have a custom fit made.

At the bottom of the device, there is a slit made for peeing, and you will have no problem making a number two as well.

Included you get the padlock and a set of keys for the keyholder to keep.

As you will see the orgasm, denial device is ideal for sex games and permanent chastity as well.

Invisible Chastity Belt Strap On



Now for something sexy and sleek in female chastity belts that will keep you locked up tight.

The Invisible female Strapon chastity belt is available in three stunning colors blue, black, and pink.

The stainless steel and silicone constructions easy to keep clean and available in the following sizes 60-70cm, 70-80cm, 80-90cm, 90-100cm, and 100-110cm.

Furthermore, you can have it custom made for a perfect fit if you cannot find your size available.

Alternatively, you can pay a little more and add a vagina plug or anal beads to your purchase.

To make it even perfect all the female chastity belts you receive in a discrete package leaving you without embarrassments.

What Can You Do In Your Belt?

Chastity Playground

With these female chastity belts, your room is your playground. As long as it is SSSC, you can do anything with it.

Wear it under your clothes when going out for the evening or make it part of submissive training.

Your DOM or partner can take it off as a reward, or you can end up wearing it for longer.

Make it part of your sex games or wear it to be more sexual attentive; it all depends on you and your partner.

Alternatively, you can use it as a denial aspect to appreciate your orgasm more.

So how about you—how long can you last in your chastity belt. We dare to share your feelings and comments with us.

Have a sexual denial or fun-filled day! Cheers for now…

Pink Holy Trainer V2 – Stealth Chastity Cock Cage

Sissify with Pink Chastity Cage

Pink Holy Trainer V2 ,dominate or sissify your slave today with the cock cage!

Control the man in your life’s sexual arousal and release him from chastity for an orgasm to make it fun.

Why PINK because it is super sexy, don’t you agree! Still not sure about the device read the Holy Trainer male chastity device review here!

Pink V2 Holy Trainer Male Chastity Cock Cage

Furthermore, you hold the key and control all the sexual activities as your lover surrender controls over his sexuality and desires.

The best of all the Holy Trainer Chastity may not prevent physical touching, but do prevent masturbation.

So why choose the pink chastity cage? Read and learn here!

The Pink Holy Trainer V2 is perfect!

For the ideal kit to transform your lover into the sissy he is, you will love the pink version 2 Holy Trainer.

Male Chastity Versions 2 Trainer Cock Cage

So get out his sexy underwear, and lock that dick in the sweet cage. On the other hand, forget it exists and begins the transformation today.

So What Are the Sizes?

The fantastic news is you can get the male chastity device in two sizes, small and regular.

However, the color can differ depending on the size you choose.

You get a regular male chastity cock cage with a length of 60 mm while the small one is 48 mm. The inner diameter of the cage is 34 mm.

Furthermore, it has a sexy pink bio-sourced resin construction, and the rings provided measure 36mm, 40mm, 45mm, and 50mm for a comfortable fit.

You also get one sliding lock with two keys for safety. On the other hand, the sex toy is waterproof as well.

Now you may be wondering what fit is best for you.

The Holy Trainer Package

Included in your discrete Holy Trainer package, you get four sized rings to customize the best fit.

Holy Trainer Chastity Device Package

To make it even sexier the design is ergonomic for your man to wear discreetly with the hidden locking system.

Alternatively, you can always have him display it in sheer panties.

Now remember he will beg and plead to use the toilet (believe me he will.)

Do not take his word as the cage has a big enough opening at the end to urinate.

It is huge enough to pee! But not big enough to pleasure himself.

So lock his cock in place, and hang the key on a chain around your neck.

You will see the chastised slave lavish all over you in no time.

Have Your Chastised Slave All Over You

Installing the Holy Trainer V2 Chastity Device

The important things to remember to place the testicle ring on first. Once in place, you can slide the cock into the tube and slide it underneath the ring.

The fantastic thing is they fit perfectly into one another to place the lock. Hold the lock firmly between the fingers, and it should not be a problem.

Unfortunately, you need to have the key inserted in the lock to get it through the hole. Hold on to lock you should be fine.

Now give it a firm push and turn the key! Once lined up, locking your man’s cock in place is quick.  

Holy Trainer Stealth Lock and Key

The biggest flaw is the key! It is common for the Dominatrix to wear it on the anklet or around the neck, but the key is not small.

Therefore, if you do not want to wear it this way, it is best to find a secure place only you know.

Hygiene is Important with the Holy Trainer V2

As the Pink Holy Trainer V2 is an enclosed device, you will need to remove it often for cleaning every few days.

On the other hand, do this at least once a week as the cock cage encounters the skin for long periods.

For that reason, if you are new to denial play and your lovers not used to something gripping his cock 24-hours make sure to give it a good cleaning.

Always play it safe and clean it regularly, as your keyholder will understand. You can even make it fun!

Let your partner clean you and the male chastity device to add some spice and lock it up tight before he comes.

The Devious Cock Cage, Holy Trainer V2

Not only is the V2 Holy Trainer stealthy it is comfortable and torturous at the same time.

Personally, there are certain things I would like changed such as the narrow tube as it squashes my lover’s penis, but not much of an issue.

His cock can take feeling squashed, and the ring makes all the difference.

What’s more, the Holy Trainer has a great concept as they combine it with a bent and flat ring.

Your lover will have no problem sleeping through the night with the chastity device.

Moreover, if he wakes up with an erection, it is not too tight.  

On the other hand, your slave will be pleased to know he can hide it completely under his clothes.

Whether he is on a business trip, cycling, or at the gym, it is his little secret. Even the built-in lock is quiet.

You see a small bulge, but nothing drastic.

Should You Buy the Male Cock Cage?

Dominate Your Slave Pink Male Chastity Cage

If you are a Dominatrix or have interest in feminization or sissification, the pink chastity cage is for you.

It is a great way to keep your man under lock and key.

Furthermore, the pink chastity cage has a superb design and fantastic finish.

On the other hand, the male chastity belts well built compared to other sexual devices.

The finish is smooth without sharp edges and shiny. Once on, it warms up with the body without changing the shape.

What’s more, it will not leave you hot or sticky and a bonus. The packaging is excellent and not too extravagant but tasteful.

Add some fun to your sex life today and try the Holy Trainer V2 male chastity device—you will not be disappointed.

Tenga Egg – Male Masturbator


Tenga Egg Review get a pleasure-oriented sex toy for your man today.

You will be amazed at how compact the man’s sex toy is. Yes, it looks like those delicious Kinder Joy eggs with the surprise toy.

However, once you unwrap the small package—there will be more than joy going on. So, what is the Tenga Egg?

The sex toy for men comprises of a pleasing texture and provides a single use (but does not have to so keep reading.)

The truth is there is a lot more to this egg than you can ever imagine!

Therefore, if you want to know more, read the Tenga Egg Masturbator Review here.

Bring the Tenga Egg Series into Your Sex Life


Tenga Egg masturbation sleeves you can buy as a single item or you can purchase it in a pack of six.

Alternatively, it is a great way to introduce your man to male sex toys.

Further, it is one of the best less-expensive ways to give your lover a new sensation as the variety offers you more than only the textures.

So what are the first impressions of the egg masturbators from TENGA?

Tenga Egg Masturbator Design

Well, what do you think?

I thought it looked non-kinky with the overall design and packaging.

On the other hand, it does not look like a serious man sex toy!

Nevertheless, it does provide penis-centric delight once you crack it open and quite familiar even if your guy has not ever touched a pleasure toy.

On the inside, the Tenga Egg has all the feel-good stuff making it different from condoms.

There are twenty-three varieties available and all of them wrapped in a plastic shell.

Masturbating Sleeve Line-Up

The popular ones are the Clicker, Silky, Twister, Stepper, Spider, and Wavy

On the outside, it has a graphic representation, but what is inside is what makes the Tenga Egg sex toy pleasurable.

Furthermore, the casing opens and closes quickly to throw the condom-like toy away once used.

So how does Tenga Egg feel like?

It feels little rubbery and stretches over the cock.

The egg comes with a mini tube carrying lube and unfolds out to a condom size package. You remove the tube to use the lube get the picture.

On the other hand, the truth is all men have tried to posh wank into a condom.

Compared to condoms, the fabrics thicker, it stretches more and sensual proving pleasure.

Boys this is not a contraceptive device so do not use it as one—nine months later, oops Johnny comes out!

Additionally, it is a hideable sex toy for men, and you can place it in your trouser pocket.

They are perfect for business trips, getaways, and romantic endeavors. (Mm secret wanking boys with a thrill to it!)

Tenga Egg Silky

 Silky Masturbating Sleeve

Therefore, if you want an all-around sweet spot, the Tenga Egg Silky offers a natural sensation with extra.

For the most BJ-like using the correct technique, you will love the Tenga Egg Wavy.

Twister Tenga Egg

 Twister Masturbating Sleeve

For a new feeling, try the Twister Tenga Egg, and for a bit of the Silky and Wavy, you must have the Spider.

Tanga Clicker

Clicker Masturbating Sleeve

However, if you get the Clicker, you need the right finger touches to get all excited.

Also, the most gentle of them all is the Stepper that gives a light and fluttery touch.

Tenga Easy Beat Egg Use


Now that it is cracked open and the lube tubes removed—squeeze the lube from the packet into the pouch and squish it around the outside to coat the inside.

With a gentle twist and squeeze, you put it on like a condom. What happens?

Small amounts of the lube make contact with the tip of the dick and glide on naturally.

Now that it is comfortably on the cock, you have many ways to use it for different sensations.

All you need to do is change your hand movement and pressure points with your fingers.

On the inside of the egg, you have the extra tingling sensation and a major upgrade compared to using the hand.

It is like masturbating with standard stroking as the texture does the work.

Tenga Egg allows you to even use a combination of moves and sequences with twisting, finger pushes, finger swirls, back and forth.

On the other hand, they make for great partner play as well. Furthermore, they make the best male toys to use.

The small size is easy to use with only one hand and feels more intimate as your man can feel the pressure from the hand.

The biggest part is you contain the mess if you want it to be. Alternatively, you can become creative and use it as a female toy as well.

Using the Tenga Easy Beat Egg Men’s Portable Pleasure Device as a Female Toy

You may be wondering what how do you do that? You turn the Tenga Egg inside out with the texture outside.

Slip it over the finger and glide it gently around over your clit for the best sensation ever.

Alternatively, you can slip it over a small vibe or spread it over your Hitachi Wand instead.

Do not throw it away reuse the Tenga Egg

Easy Beat Eggs offer you a single-use. The truth is you are going to love the explosive feeling you will want more.

Therefore if you do not want to generate loads of trash from masturbating use them again.

Alternatively, if you want to dispose of the evidence, immediately do it as it goes back into the plastic shell and closes up for disposal.

Now if you want to be less wasteful, you can clean it with toy cleaner and give it a dry to use it up to three times.

However, make sure to check it as it will become gross and time to throw away.

Furthermore, it does have a synthetic smell you will notice when you open it for the first time.

Should You Buy the Tenga Easy Beat Lovers Eggs

 Spice up Your Sex Life

Yes, if you want to spice up your sex life or introduce your man to his own personal sex toy.

The Tenga Egg Variety 6-pack assortment is affordable to buy, and you can get them online.

However, if you do not want to purchase them online head over to your local sex shop to find the Tenga Eggs you want.

You will love using it with your partner and a great way to add sensation to partner play.

You can even use it solo as a penis toy—go ahead and try one today.

Fancy Steel Chastity – The Slim Fit belt

Fancy Steel Chastity

Fancy Steel Chastity Belt, the Slim Fit belt, is the Holy Grail of all self-denial devices!

Have you been on the hunt for a comfortable and capable male chastity device?

Have you been through some embarrassing moments with other orgasm denial devices?

Maybe you have tried ball-trap devices! Did you know they do not provide enough security?

You can still pull out your dick no matter how you adjust them.

Alternatively, maybe you considered getting PA piercing or thought about using a full belt. In most cases, both might be the solution.

Nevertheless, the fact remains you do get some security but not enough.

WHY—if you can get your hand around the base of your penis you can still jerk off without touching the sweet spot.

That is why you need a restrictive device preventing you from getting an erection.

What you are looking for is one leaving you with frustration as your penis strains against the confines in the cage.

We have news for you! You may have found one that works well right here with the “Slim Fit from Fancy Steel”.

So what makes this chastity device better than others do? Find out here!

Why Choose Men’s Fancy Steel Chastity Slim Fit?

Slimfit Design

As mentioned getting a PA fixing with full belt might be your solution to getting the best security for orgasm denial.

However, if you have tendinitis issues in the groin, the restriction around the balls cause severe pain.

You may be able to wear the ball trap for a day or two. Wearing a full belt can cause the same problem.

Furthermore, the belt fits tight to provide enough security but the pressure of a front plate or to use a penis tube cause’s discomfort.

With a PA and full belt together, it can fit looser, making it more breathable in the sore spot. Now, this is where the men’s Slim Fit helps.  

What makes it so ideal you can wear it without piercings, but need to wear it a bit tighter?

Furthermore, the waistband fits comfortably on your waist or the hips.

The chastity belt has hypoallergenic black silicone over the steel cables. What’s more, the cord adjusts to a perfect fit with the 30mm standard tube.

So will the belt fit perfect immediately? No, you will have to make a few adjustments the first couple of days to find an ideal spot.

The best of all if you do not have tendinitis issues you can wear it tighter.

To add security, you can get an optional pullout shield on top of the tube and comes highly recommended.

How secure is the male chastity belt?

Fancy Steel Orgasm Denial

It is as secure as any other full belt. You can cut through the steel cable if you have bolt cutters.

Furthermore, you can cut through the waistband as well. At least you know it is a solution if ever you are stuck!

Do you know what makes it perfect? The design of the PA fixing is brilliant and a handy tool as it makes putting on the device simpler.

The unique pin you find sticking out the front of the tubing and attaches to a regular PA ring on the inside of the tube.

However, we recommend replacing it with a short jewelry chain to clasp the 4ga ring with the PA pin.

You can do this if you find the rings too big. Once locked in the chastity belt, you will not be able to access the chain on the inside of the tube for unclasping.  

Fancy Steel Chastity Comfort

Chastity Belt Comfort

The Fancy Steel Slim Fit Chastity belt is comfortable.

Once you try it yourself, the first thing you notice is a significant improvement over other belts.

The aircraft cable is on the rear section connecting the penis tube through the butt crack to the back of the belt.

Alternatively, you find the same cable on the waistband providing stealth under your clothes.

While it remains in the butt-crack and feels like getting a wedgie you do get used to it.

You may even find the sensation erotic and pleasurable as well.

Now how do you poop? Luckily you do get enough slack to pull the cable aside when having number two.  

Even the physical activity is fantastic with the chastity belt. You will be able to run, do weights, and cycle.

Sleeping with the Fancy Steel Chastity is good and better than wearing a ball trap.

Furthermore, you do wake up with a morning erection, and all you do is getting up, go pee.

The only minor issue you may find is the cable resting against your balls and becomes pinchy at times.

To solve this, you can use electrical tape and replace it once a week. Alternatively, you can always glue a piece of rubber instead.

Hygiene is excellent, and a squirt with a water bottle and soapy water through the penis tube does the trick.

Furthermore, you can use a swab to dry it off as well.

However, we recommend giving it a good cleaning twice a week at least.

Should You Buy the Fancy Steel Chastity Belt?

Slim Fit Sissification

If you want to prevent messing up your life with denial play, the Slim Fit belt is your solution.

You can wear it 24/7 for up to 60-hours straight without discomfort.

You may have to do some tweaking for it to fit perfectly. Cleaning the penis tube and belts easy and after a few days, you can remove it for a thorough cleaning.

There is no pain, sleepless nights, or skin irritations. On the other hand, the device is incredible, and you may even decide to order a 2nd one.

Measure yourself today and get this male chastity device!

Chastity Belt Measurement

So how do you measure yourself to order one of these Fancy Steel Chastity belts?

Take one of your leather belts and place it around your hips where you want it to sit comfortably. Now measure the length.

Furthermore, now that you have your waistband measurement, take the measuring tape and at the same height measure your crotch.

You have completed your measurements, so get online and order yourself one.

Furthermore, if you feel you do not want a wedgie the whole time, you can always consider the CB6000 male chastity cock cage instead.