BDSM Chastity Is It Abuse? – BDSM Chastity explained

BDSM Abuse 1BDSM chastity the fascinating world of bondage & discipline, domination & submission, and sadism & masochism is a love and hate relationship seen by outsiders.

There is a saying, “Love should not hurt,” and to some extent it is true. However, with BDSM, this saying does not work.

Why? Because BDSM partners agree to activities involving different levels of arousing and physical awkwardness or even pain.

So is BDSM Chastity abuse? When you look at a consensual relationship, it is not abuse due to the consent involved.

Besides, you can still find abusers and abusive forcefulness present in the BDSM community.

Therefore, the question you need to ask yourself is, “How do you tell the difference between abuse and BSM?”

A fact is there is a prominent distinctive feature between abuse and BDSM that is communication, consent, planning, and respect involved with BDSM.

BDSM Chastity Indications

BDSM Control

BDSM is not just getting into the kink of chastity role-play, femdom chastity control, whips, tying up with ropes, and more.

It is about pre-play negotiations giving the consent to partake in some form of fetish, domination, etc.

Furthermore, it is about having a safe word or two from slow down to stop building trust with each other. It is all about discussions and reassurance when a scene gets emotional afterward.

Moreover, it is about having discussions with your partner about soft and hard limits and not breaking the trust without full prior debate.

Another essential thing is BDSM chastity is safety first when one partner is restricted and panics by releasing them quickly.

Therefore, bondage and discipline come with trusting each other throughout the process and not abuse.

How do you know your BDSM Chastity is abuse?


There is a big difference between the do’s and abuse in a BDSM relationship as seen hear:

Controlled Situation Out-of-control
Negotiations happen before the time to see what will and will not happen Only one person decides what happens
Knowledgeable consent by both parties involved No Consent
A safeword is used to stop the scene at any time The person cannot stop what is happening to him or her
Everyone involved is concerned about desires, limits, and needs with each other No concern at all about desires, limits, or needs
The people involved feel good after an SM scene After the SM scene, the people concerned feel bad


These are some excellent guidelines to determine if you are in an abusive BDSM relationship. A fact is that BDSM has long been a target for outsiders when it comes to criticism.

The point is that bondage & discipline, domination & submission, and sadism & masochism come in different forms.

Therefore, to answer the question of if BDSM chastity is abuse, you need to determine how healthy your relationship is first.

Here we have a checklist of relevant items to ask associated with BDSM.

  1. Can you speak what you need to say for others to hear and understand you?
  2. Are you creating an environment where others can tell you what they need to say, even if you do not want to hear it?
  3. Is your relationship you are fair to both of you? Do you allow each other’s voices to be heard?
  4. Does your relationship allow both of you to pursue their joy?

With these questions in mind, it will help you to determine if your BDSM relationships a pleasure or abuse.

A fact is that BDSM has loads of health benefits as well and is not abuse.

Health Benefits of BDSM


Many people see BDSM as dangerous, unhealthy, and reckless, and the biggest culprit is the media.

A fact is that humans have always had the liking to have adventurous sex from bondage, erotic biting, to self-denial.

However, recent studies prove that BDSM offers excellent health benefits for both men and women.

Helps Improve Mental Health

People in the kinksters leagues not psychologically damaged to rejection compared to vanilla counterparts.

They feel more secure in their relationships and helps increase their well-being at the same time. Couples in a BDSM relationship are more reliable towards each other and more open to try new things.

Furthermore, they have decreased anxiety and less sensitive to perceptions.

Hence they are also more aware of their sexual needs and can adequately express their desires and boundaries.

Therefore, they have a high level of self-awareness, allowing them to have better happiness inside and outside of the bedroom.

Releases Stress

A series of studies done by the Northern Illinois University showed an altered state of the hormone cortisol found in yoga practitioners and marathon runners.

The activity helps lower stress levels, and during the test, they took saliva samples of both the dominant and submissive during the sadomasochistic scene.

The dominant showed a decreased level of the hormone after a session. With decreased cortisol, it helps protect different health ailments from high blood pressure to insulin resistance.

The second study done on partners receiving pain showed a reduced function in their limbic and prefrontal region of the brain.

Both these areas are associated with working your memory and control of the brain. The results were that the blood flow reduces to these areas and alters your state of consciousness.

In the BDSM community, it is called the “subspace” for the submissive partner and “topspace” for dominants.

Therefore, some BDSM participants have a spiritual experience.

Helps Improve Relationships

BDSM helps partners to connect and feel intimate with each other.

A fact is during the sadomasochistic scenes, the activity triggers the brain with the feel-good chemical dopamine making you relaxed and keeps you smiling.

Do you want to uplift your lovemaking? Then it may be the right time to bring in some role-play or some form of BDSM kink.

Maybe you have wanted to try it, but have not had the guts to ask your partner yet.

BDSM Chastity is Not Abuse

Chastity Release

As you can see, BDSM is not abuse, and it all depends on the type of relationship you find yourself.

Taking part in different kinks from bondage, chastity play, domination, submission, and more can lead to better mental and physical health.

Are you in an abusive BDSM relationship? You are! Now is the time to move on. Rid yourself of the toxic relationship. BDSM is supposed to be fun for both and not only one.



Top 10 Cock Cages to Lock The Dick

To enjoy days or weeks of sexual denial, you need one of the best cock cages available. After locking yourself up in one of these chastity cages every touch will feel supercharged after the lack of stimulation.

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FYJ Medical Chastity Device

FYJ Chastity Cage

For a number one pick with reliable and function build the FYJ comes with a reasonable price. The chastise device is all about functionality and utility compared to branding.

However, do not let the low price make you feel that it is not worth buying you are wrong. A fact is that the quality is exceptional and offers outstanding comfort.

Furthermore, you get several ring sizes with your sex toy for a perfect fit. You will not get pinched, and it does not show under your clothing, offering you a discrete fit.

As it has a lightweight fit, you can wear it for hours, days, to months. The plastic material is flexible, and the shaft points down as well.



For a leader in male cock cages, we present you with an industry-standard made with quality material. Whether you are into sissy chastity or femdom chastity the CB6000 will serve its purpose well.

No matter what your size, it works well with the wide selection of rings. Furthermore, it creates low pressure and is well made. Sometimes the ring under the scrotum can feel snug and best to check your size before you buy.

Another benefit is that when you put it on, you do not need added lubricant as it works perfectly out of the box. If you are already committed to chastity this is the device you need to have.

Best Budget Chastity Option Happygo

Happygo Chastity Device

Here we have a high-quality chastity cage that features a great ergonomic design. The modular device allows you to switch out the rings for a snug fit.

The Happygo does not have a quality lock, and you can switch it out with a brand lock and key instead. If you want to try out chastity without spending a fortune this device is the one to try.

Furthermore, it has a stainless steel construction with three sized rings.

Therefore, you can enjoy easy cleaning without fuss.

Utimi Chastity Cock Cage

Chastity Cock Cage

Included with the cock cage you get three sized rings to keep your cock lock up. The only thing the chastity device does not do is conceal well when wearing light clothing.

Furthermore, it is heavier than most other models and causes a dragging effect. However, the cage does point outward instead of downwards as well.

One more important note is that you will need to apply it with lubricant to fit comfortably. On the other hand, the metal offers a secure fit.

KHD Espresso 3D Printed Chastity Device

3D Printed Chastity Cage

Do you need a comfort fit male chastity cage made for the future? You will love this X3 3D printed device. With the printing, you get a perfect fit cock cage made with the material instead of ink.

So if you are one of those men not able to fit in most chastity belts, this may be the option. You can get it in a wide selection of dimensions to order online.

Alternatively, you can select from five tube lengths, and the silicone plastic is lightweight. The only complaint is that the material used to construct the device has a rough fine grain that can become irritating on the skin.

The Holy Trainer V3

Holy Trainer V3 Cage

For compact femdom chastity, you need the Holy Trainer V3 model. You can hide it without issues and comes with five tube sizes for a perfect fit.

The fabric is non-petroleum based that helps reduce poking and irritation. The V3 is made for men with an active lifestyle and performs well when you walk or run.

Unfortunately, the only issue is that there is no material separating the ring from the tube and can cause some discomfort when wearing tight underwear.

For some sissies, the soft material also does not provide enough security depending on how small your penis gets.

Anti-masturbate Bird Cage

Anti-masturbate Bird Cage

You can lock your man up with this birdcage to prevent masturbation. The device looks similar to the holy trainer model and comprises of resin available in two sizes.

You get four ring sizes included and have a lightweight feel that is concealable. Furthermore, the external padlock is customizable to replace with a high-end lock.

Unfortunately, there are minor complaints that it has rough plastic edges, causing discomfort and noticeable on the rings. However, you can remedy it by sanding it down with grain sandpaper.

Uleade Steel Metal Cage

Metal Cage

With the metal cock cage from Uleade, you can bar your man from touching or getting an orgasm. Furthermore, the stainless steel design prevents an erection as well.

So you can please him and seduce him without the cage, causing discomfort. The material is hypoallergenic and comes with three chrome-plated rings. Included you get a lock and key as well.

The price is affordable and comfortable to wear for days. Furthermore, there is no need for removing the chastity cage for cleaning as you can easily reach into the curves with an earbud.

Tcamp Male Chastity Device

Tcamp Cock Cage

The following cock cage has a transparent design with five different ring sizes available. There is a went on the cage portion to help make urinating simpler.

Furthermore, it has a medical-grade construction that is safe on your private parts. Even putting the device on only takes a couple of minutes and comfortable to wear underneath your clothing.

The tube is comfortable and easy to assemble without problems. The only problem is the rings that have huge gaps in them that can cause discomfort for some men.

Chasteness Male Beginners Metal Device

Beginner Chastity Device

No matter what your size, you can find a perfect fit with the Chasteness beginners cock cage. The device has a stainless steel structure and ideal to use for sissy chastity.

Furthermore, it is waterproof to use in the shower or bath. The material is rustless with a smooth exterior and available in different sizes ranging from 40mm, 45mm, to 50mm.

Included it also comes with a urine tube to help with urinating. The design is flawless, and one thins sure no one will notice your little secret when worn.

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Anti-masturbation Device

No matter what form of chastity you are into from a beginner to expert male chastise each of these cock cages can help keep your hands where it belongs.

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