Sissy Chastity Explained

Sissy Chastity Maid

Sissy Chastity takes a bona fide sissy to perform the duties of a maid, making it worthy of the name.

So are you a real chastity sissy?

Are you ready to leave your macho-man desires behind to become a glorified slave maid?

Personally, it all starts with the right mindset as a real sissy does not have balls and is no longer a real man.

On the other hand, you are controlled and not the other way around.

Your role is to perform the duties of a maidservant and do what your master tells you to do. Nothing is more straightforward than this or is it!

So what is the next step to becoming sissified?

Tgirl Flashing Cock Cage

At this stage, you need to start thinking about finding a keyholder if you already do not have one. Now the next step you need to lose the body hair.

We already talked about female orgasm denial, Now let’s talk about Chastity sissy transformation, Yet another Male Chastity orgasm denial method.

To be feminine and sexy woman shave so best to start shaving from your head to toes (no body hair allowed!)

Transformation Begins In Becoming a Sissy Maid

Man Shaving Legs

Once you trim the whole body, a transformation begins from male to sissy!

So start with shaving once a week you will become skillful at it. Surprisingly you will start looking forward to shaving often.  

What is next? The clothes, as sissies do not wear men’s clothing unless they must.

Actually, to be a real woman, you need to love the sexy feeling of soft silky fabric against your body and lock your dick with sissy chastity device.

Wear Your Sexy Lingerie at Home

Sissy Maid

Start with a pair of silky panties and garter belt with nylons worn under your attire if you work outside.  

Furthermore, when alone at home wearing a pair of thongs, matching bra with high heels will help. On the other hand, start with a 4-inch heel.  

Wear the heels regularly to learn how to walk with them appropriately. Do not expect to be an expert from the start as it takes time.

New chastity maids have loads of catching up to do.

You will become comfortable wearing the heels; you will not want to take them off. Why should you!

The Sissy Chastity Transformations Begun

You look and feel like a sissy or do you?

However, there is a problem you have an underperforming and puny dick. Now if hung like a horse, you have no reason to be a sissy.

Furthermore, you have a big dick getting rock solid hard to fuck your lady the way she wants a fuck. No, a lady does not fuck sissies.

Sissy chastity means placing your dick under lock and key as you do not qualify as a man anymore.

It is Only You and a Strapped Dildo

Chastised Riding Dildo

The only way you should pleasure a girl again is with a strapped on dildo.

That is from now on your role as a sissy maid to serve in the most shameful and provoking way.

Sissy Chastity Cock Cage
Therefore, if you do not have a chastity cock cage yet, get one now. Think about it!

Long-term denial keeps you continuously aroused to enhance your performance to do your sissy duties.

So what is a True Sissy in Chastity


A sissy always wants to look and feel desirable. Look for feminine clothing to make you look skinny and sexy.

Furthermore, choose apparel with an in-shape body.

Forget about your macho-man look drinking beer and eating pizza on the couch. On the other hand, beer bellies are not appealing.

Starve down your body to adjust your psyche and appetite to eat less. You will love your new thin body looking fabulous in your sexy outfits.

Let’s Talk About Your Sissy Make-up

To add the final change to create your sissy persona, you need a make-up job. Do you have someone to help you?

No, then it is time to learn how to do it yourself.

Remember it takes practice and time to become good at it—so start practicing now!

Here are some essentials you will need in your kit:

  • Foundation
  • Powder
  • Eye Shadow
  • Eye Liner
  • Lipstick
  • Lip-Liner Pencil for those luscious sissy lips
  • Extra Long False Eyelashes

One Last Thing

Since you are now in sissy chastity and given up your role as a man, you need to think about sexual relations with the opposite sex.

Depending if it is sissy role-play, this should not be a problem, but a true sissy has sex with a man.

Therefore, as you are still heterosexual but remain a sissy, your sex partner is now a male.

You do not fuck a girl, but more than capable of pleasing a man.

Feminize Ass Breaker

For that reason, it is time to start practicing to refine your lovemaking skills. You can do this by sucking a dildo.

Furthermore, get yourself a butt plug to keep in the ass for extended times to stretch yourself out.

You do not want to gag on your first date when swallowing a too big dick.

Remember that same dick will surely rip your ass apart. So make sure to stretch it beforehand.

Is the thought of having sex with a man disgusting you as a man? Do not stress!

A sissy girl learns to crave cock in both the ass and mouth.

You Are Now in Sissy Chastity

Cute Sissy Trap

You are now a sissy made with your dick (as it should be) locked up and feeling the benefits of orgasm denial.

Furthermore, you realize you can swallow a load without gagging, making you a bona fide sissy.

On the other hand, you have given up your manhood and feeling sexy and smooth in all your hairlines.

You have lost loads of weight and wearing lingerie with stilettos.

Even your make-up skills improved. Your mouth and ass can handle the service of a dick.

Now all you need to do is let go of the desire of being a man and become chastity sissy


You have no worries and no longer afraid to approach a girl and have no need of asking one out.

As chastity sissy maid, you do not need to pay for dates, and all you need to do is look feminine and pretty.

Once you admit you are a true sissy, everything else falls into place.

Embrace life and lock your dick up for denial using a male chastity device to keep up with your girly life.

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