Holy Trainer Nub- Teeny-tiny male chastity cage

V3 Nub Snug as a Bug

The Holy Trainer Nub is a teeny-tiny male chastity device that is snug as a bug yet does its job!

While writing this Holy Trainer V3 Nub review, one thing came to mind wow this thing is small!

Here we have one of the extreme smaller versions of all chastity cock cages. So how does one include terms like cage or tube, as it does not make sense?

Actually, it looks more like a cup with a small penis sized peanut. Yes, we know you are thinking will this thing work.

Let us tell you something, stay a while, and find out with this Holy Trainer Nub review.      

Holy Trainer Nub Design

Holy Trainer Nub Review

When you look at other male chastity devices from Holy Trainer like the CB3000 or CB6000, you know they are comfortable with the size.

A fact is that the smaller sized the chastity device, the better.

Furthermore, the closer the celibacy device tube is to the size of your erection, the less comfortable you will feel.

However, what can you expect with the Nub without the non-existent tube?

Can you even feel comfortable in it? How easy will it be to pee?

Will you be able to get your penis head through without getting a rubbing sensation in your pants?

The truth is the V3 Nub solves all these issues as the tube lines perfectly with the urethra presenting if forward than down.

So there is no trickling out the ends, giving you a natural experience.


Furthermore, the opening remains in the correct place and has a raised lip that protects the tip of your cock from making contact with the surface of your underwear.

Holy Trainer Nub Comfort

You will barely notice you have it on even when commando.

Whether you are walking in the street or sleeping in the bed lying on your stomach, there is no sensation of the sheets.

On the other hand, the Nub is 0.98 inches in length with a 1.3-inch inside diameter.

Furthermore, it has one air vent and is resistant to all detergents and solvent.

You get five ring sizes available to get a perfect fit.

The HT-V3 Nub Keeps Content at Rest and Engaged

Male Chastity Nub

One thing the Holy Trainer V3 Nub is good at is concealing your contents with the unique tube flange.

The flange protrudes behind the base ring and gives a comfortable fit.

Therefore, your dicks not squished down like a snake available in a can of nuts.

What the flange does is keep the loose skin on the shaft. The flange actions hot and give a snug, secure feeling fit.

this reason, it turns your dick into an internal organ.

Whether it is hard or limps, it remains inside your body, and eventually, you feel as if you do not have a dick anymore.

For men wanting to do sissification, this device comes highly recommended.  

Once you have an erection, it manifests as a bulge behind the chastity device.

The Nub May Look Uncomfortable But is It?

Now you may think having an erection in the v3 Nub feels uncomfortable. In fact, it is not even when the penis is trying to escape and erect.

The ball-device does not pull against your testicles while getting an erection. You do not feel ball pain from the tight ring as the erection part that is the thickest is not through the ring.

Only the head of the penis is through the ring. So from a stealth perspective, nothing excels more than the Holy Trainer Nub.

Therefore, while walking in town and getting an erection, no one will even notice.

On the other hand, the bulge consists mostly of the balls.

Health Concerns Wearing the Nub

Chastity Device Health Care

Not this is where the tricky part comes in with the male chastity device.

As the equipment fits, so snug, it is challenging to get soapy water inside and behind it.

Therefore, the best solution is to remove the penis from behind the device to give it a good cleaning and reinsert it again.

However, while this is not ideal for permanent chastity, it is the most efficient way to keep your privates clean.

Furthermore, it also depends if you do have a PA and a piercing then you may find some leakage of urine trapped in the plastic.

However, if you do not have the latter wearing the Nub is very hygienic.

Should You Buy the Male Chastity Device?

Holy Trainer Nub

Compared to other trapped-ball devices not fixed with piercing or a PA, it feels snug but is not more secure than another one.

On the other hand, a fantastic male chastity device is useful without causing discomfort.

If you are not a lover of steel devices, you can wear the Holy Trainer v3 Nub for weeks at a time.

You will quickly find out it is your go-to travel chastity device that minimizes your contents.

For sissification, nothing comes close to it, as you will feel as if you do not have a cock making it ideal for your fantasy role-play or orgasm denial.

Therefore, The Holy Trainer Nub is, in every way a definite consideration for self-restraint and self-denial.     

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  1. I would think this is the ultimate for a Fem led relationship, It strips his cock off him and only releases when she has need of it.
    Seems like the best for under panties as well

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