BDSM Chastity Is It Abuse? – BDSM Chastity explained

BDSM chastity the fascinating world of bondage & discipline, domination & submission, and sadism & masochism is a love and hate relationship seen by outsiders.

There is a saying, “Love should not hurt,” and to some extent it is true. However, with BDSM, this saying does not work.

Why? Because BDSM partners agree to activities involving different levels of arousing and physical awkwardness or even pain.

So is BDSM Chastity abuse? When you look at a consensual relationship, it is not abuse due to the consent involved.

Besides, you can still find abusers and abusive forcefulness present in the BDSM community.

Therefore, the question you need to ask yourself is, “How do you tell the difference between abuse and BSM?”

A fact is there is a prominent distinctive feature between abuse and BDSM that is communication, consent, planning, and respect involved with BDSM.

BDSM Chastity Indications

BDSM Control

BDSM is not just getting into the kink of chastity role-play, femdom chastity control, whips, tying up with ropes, and more.

It is about pre-play negotiations giving the consent to partake in some form of fetish, domination, etc.

Furthermore, it is about having a safe word or two from slow down to stop building trust with each other. It is all about discussions and reassurance when a scene gets emotional afterward.

Moreover, it is about having discussions with your partner about soft and hard limits and not breaking the trust without full prior debate.

Another essential thing is BDSM chastity is safety first when one partner is restricted and panics by releasing them quickly.

Therefore, bondage and discipline come with trusting each other throughout the process and not abuse.

How do you know your BDSM Chastity is abuse?


There is a big difference between the do’s and abuse in a BDSM relationship as seen hear:

Controlled Situation Out-of-control
Negotiations happen before the time to see what will and will not happen Only one person decides what happens
Knowledgeable consent by both parties involved No Consent
A safeword is used to stop the scene at any time The person cannot stop what is happening to him or her
Everyone involved is concerned about desires, limits, and needs with each other No concern at all about desires, limits, or needs
The people involved feel good after an SM scene After the SM scene, the people concerned feel bad


These are some excellent guidelines to determine if you are in an abusive BDSM relationship. A fact is that BDSM has long been a target for outsiders when it comes to criticism.

The point is that bondage & discipline, domination & submission, and sadism & masochism come in different forms.

Therefore, to answer the question of if BDSM chastity is abuse, you need to determine how healthy your relationship is first.

Here we have a checklist of relevant items to ask associated with BDSM.

  1. Can you speak what you need to say for others to hear and understand you?
  2. Are you creating an environment where others can tell you what they need to say, even if you do not want to hear it?
  3. Is your relationship you are fair to both of you? Do you allow each other’s voices to be heard?
  4. Does your relationship allow both of you to pursue their joy?

With these questions in mind, it will help you to determine if your BDSM relationships a pleasure or abuse.

A fact is that BDSM has loads of health benefits as well and is not abuse.

Health Benefits of BDSM


Many people see BDSM as dangerous, unhealthy, and reckless, and the biggest culprit is the media.

A fact is that humans have always had the liking to have adventurous sex from bondage, erotic biting, to self-denial.

However, recent studies prove that BDSM offers excellent health benefits for both men and women.

Helps Improve Mental Health

People in the kinksters leagues not psychologically damaged to rejection compared to vanilla counterparts.

They feel more secure in their relationships and helps increase their well-being at the same time. Couples in a BDSM relationship are more reliable towards each other and more open to try new things.

Furthermore, they have decreased anxiety and less sensitive to perceptions.

Hence they are also more aware of their sexual needs and can adequately express their desires and boundaries.

Therefore, they have a high level of self-awareness, allowing them to have better happiness inside and outside of the bedroom.

Releases Stress

A series of studies done by the Northern Illinois University showed an altered state of the hormone cortisol found in yoga practitioners and marathon runners.

The activity helps lower stress levels, and during the test, they took saliva samples of both the dominant and submissive during the sadomasochistic scene.

The dominant showed a decreased level of the hormone after a session. With decreased cortisol, it helps protect different health ailments from high blood pressure to insulin resistance.

The second study done on partners receiving pain showed a reduced function in their limbic and prefrontal region of the brain.

Both these areas are associated with working your memory and control of the brain. The results were that the blood flow reduces to these areas and alters your state of consciousness.

In the BDSM community, it is called the “subspace” for the submissive partner and “topspace” for dominants.

Therefore, some BDSM participants have a spiritual experience.

Helps Improve Relationships

BDSM helps partners to connect and feel intimate with each other.

A fact is during the sadomasochistic scenes, the activity triggers the brain with the feel-good chemical dopamine making you relaxed and keeps you smiling.

Do you want to uplift your lovemaking? Then it may be the right time to bring in some role-play or some form of BDSM kink.

Maybe you have wanted to try it, but have not had the guts to ask your partner yet.

BDSM Chastity is Not Abuse

Chastity Release

As you can see, BDSM is not abuse, and it all depends on the type of relationship you find yourself.

Taking part in different kinks from bondage, chastity play, domination, submission, and more can lead to better mental and physical health.

Are you in an abusive BDSM relationship? You are! Now is the time to move on. Rid yourself of the toxic relationship. BDSM is supposed to be fun for both and not only one.



Male Chastity Captions and Dreams

Male Chastity Captions

Keyholders, you do not always have the time to fulfill your caged man’s desires, do you!

Caged men, we know you love a bit of teasing, even when your master cannot provide it right!

On the other hand, maybe you are considering male chastity and still unsure!

Luckily, you can solve all of these problems with male chastity captions and dreams.

With the following captions we have here, it is not only erotic but also each woman declares how they want to capture your dick to turn it into putty using their hands.

Male Chastity Captions the Discrete Viewing Pleasure

Chastity Play Locked Up

Are you living out your male chastity fantasy?

Has your master or mistress denied you the sexual gratification and pleasure sensation that comes with it?

Perhaps you are thinking about it or fantasizing about male chastity? Did you know there is an outlet to fuel your male orgasm denial fantasy?

With male chastity captions, you can see if it truly turns you on.

You can visualize yourself in a situation where your man or woman denies you gratification dominating your sexual release.

Male chastity captions make it easier for you to visualize an arrangement between you and your partner.

Take the following chastity caption for instance:

Keyholder Male Chastity Caption

As you can see, there is a sexy woman. Doesn’t she look desirable, and she is looking directly at you.

So what is she telling you? She is telling you how forbidden an orgasm is in various ways.

Are you convinced enough that male chastity is for you? Has she teased you enough to persuade you? Not yet! What about the next one?


She wants you to turn your male chastity fantasy into a reality. She does not care if you have a girlfriend; your tiny caged cock belongs to her.

Furthermore, she knows you are playing to get yourself unlocked.

On the other hand, she wants your girlfriend to wear one of her chastity belts, and she may unlock you as she has the keys to both devices.

Now she has two slaves worshiping her. A fact is that she looks so tempting who does not want to lock them in a cock cage.

Turn Your Fantasy into Reality

Male Chastity Caption Keyholder

So if you want something to prepare you for real male chastity these captions are titillating to help.

Furthermore, each one will gauge you of how much the concept of chastity and orgasm denial excites you to make sure that it is what you want.

There are different captions available you can observe to tickle your specific desires, and you can show it to your partner.

With the male chastity captions, it gives them an idea or motivation why you desire to be chastised.

There are many options to start with your denial play fantasy.

Fendom Chastity

You can refrain from orgasm with your will power, or you can get yourself a male chastity device!  

By doing honor chastity is not easy and more complicated than using a device.

Both ways the choice is up to you and the best way to ease both you and your partner’s imagination is with male chastity captions.

It will give you a better understanding of your desires.

Hand-Picked Selection of Erotic Male Chastity Captions

Not convinced yet look at these seductive images to fuel your chastity wet dreams.

Kinky Sex Play

These sexy dominants have the minimum on, enticing and reminding you how badly you want to touch but can’t.  

Sexual Denial

Maybe you have a chastity fantasy in your mind we have a caption that is fit for you. Browse as you please but remember no touching or orgasms!

Male Chastity Captions
Orgasm Denial
Sexual Denial Play
Sexual Release

Sissy Chastity Explained

Sissy Chastity Maid

Sissy Chastity takes a bona fide sissy to perform the duties of a maid, making it worthy of the name.

So are you a real chastity sissy?

Are you ready to leave your macho-man desires behind to become a glorified slave maid?

Personally, it all starts with the right mindset as a real sissy does not have balls and is no longer a real man.

On the other hand, you are controlled and not the other way around.

Your role is to perform the duties of a maidservant and do what your master tells you to do. Nothing is more straightforward than this or is it!

So what is the next step to becoming sissified?

Tgirl Flashing Cock Cage

At this stage, you need to start thinking about finding a keyholder if you already do not have one. Now the next step you need to lose the body hair.

We already talked about female orgasm denial, Now let’s talk about Chastity sissy transformation, Yet another Male Chastity orgasm denial method.

To be feminine and sexy woman shave so best to start shaving from your head to toes (no body hair allowed!)

Transformation Begins In Becoming a Sissy Maid

Man Shaving Legs

Once you trim the whole body, a transformation begins from male to sissy!

So start with shaving once a week you will become skillful at it. Surprisingly you will start looking forward to shaving often.  

What is next? The clothes, as sissies do not wear men’s clothing unless they must.

Actually, to be a real woman, you need to love the sexy feeling of soft silky fabric against your body and lock your dick with sissy chastity device.

Wear Your Sexy Lingerie at Home

Sissy Maid

Start with a pair of silky panties and garter belt with nylons worn under your attire if you work outside.  

Furthermore, when alone at home wearing a pair of thongs, matching bra with high heels will help. On the other hand, start with a 4-inch heel.  

Wear the heels regularly to learn how to walk with them appropriately. Do not expect to be an expert from the start as it takes time.

New chastity maids have loads of catching up to do.

You will become comfortable wearing the heels; you will not want to take them off. Why should you!

The Sissy Chastity Transformations Begun

You look and feel like a sissy or do you?

However, there is a problem you have an underperforming and puny dick. Now if hung like a horse, you have no reason to be a sissy.

Furthermore, you have a big dick getting rock solid hard to fuck your lady the way she wants a fuck. No, a lady does not fuck sissies.

Sissy chastity means placing your dick under lock and key as you do not qualify as a man anymore.

It is Only You and a Strapped Dildo

Chastised Riding Dildo

The only way you should pleasure a girl again is with a strapped on dildo.

That is from now on your role as a sissy maid to serve in the most shameful and provoking way.

Sissy Chastity Cock Cage
Therefore, if you do not have a chastity cock cage yet, get one now. Think about it!

Long-term denial keeps you continuously aroused to enhance your performance to do your sissy duties.

So what is a True Sissy in Chastity


A sissy always wants to look and feel desirable. Look for feminine clothing to make you look skinny and sexy.

Furthermore, choose apparel with an in-shape body.

Forget about your macho-man look drinking beer and eating pizza on the couch. On the other hand, beer bellies are not appealing.

Starve down your body to adjust your psyche and appetite to eat less. You will love your new thin body looking fabulous in your sexy outfits.

Let’s Talk About Your Sissy Make-up

To add the final change to create your sissy persona, you need a make-up job. Do you have someone to help you?

No, then it is time to learn how to do it yourself.

Remember it takes practice and time to become good at it—so start practicing now!

Here are some essentials you will need in your kit:

  • Foundation
  • Powder
  • Eye Shadow
  • Eye Liner
  • Lipstick
  • Lip-Liner Pencil for those luscious sissy lips
  • Extra Long False Eyelashes

One Last Thing

Since you are now in sissy chastity and given up your role as a man, you need to think about sexual relations with the opposite sex.

Depending if it is sissy role-play, this should not be a problem, but a true sissy has sex with a man.

Therefore, as you are still heterosexual but remain a sissy, your sex partner is now a male.

You do not fuck a girl, but more than capable of pleasing a man.

Feminize Ass Breaker

For that reason, it is time to start practicing to refine your lovemaking skills. You can do this by sucking a dildo.

Furthermore, get yourself a butt plug to keep in the ass for extended times to stretch yourself out.

You do not want to gag on your first date when swallowing a too big dick.

Remember that same dick will surely rip your ass apart. So make sure to stretch it beforehand.

Is the thought of having sex with a man disgusting you as a man? Do not stress!

A sissy girl learns to crave cock in both the ass and mouth.

You Are Now in Sissy Chastity

Cute Sissy Trap

You are now a sissy made with your dick (as it should be) locked up and feeling the benefits of orgasm denial.

Furthermore, you realize you can swallow a load without gagging, making you a bona fide sissy.

On the other hand, you have given up your manhood and feeling sexy and smooth in all your hairlines.

You have lost loads of weight and wearing lingerie with stilettos.

Even your make-up skills improved. Your mouth and ass can handle the service of a dick.

Now all you need to do is let go of the desire of being a man and become chastity sissy


You have no worries and no longer afraid to approach a girl and have no need of asking one out.

As chastity sissy maid, you do not need to pay for dates, and all you need to do is look feminine and pretty.

Once you admit you are a true sissy, everything else falls into place.

Embrace life and lock your dick up for denial using a male chastity device to keep up with your girly life.

All about CB3000 Chastity Cock Cage

WHY PLACE YOUR MANS HANDS IN HANDCUFFS IF YOU CAN Lockdown Your Man’s Cock with CB3000 Chastity Cock Cage ?

Lock his cock with the CB3000

Do you want to know a secret? Today is a special day for me! Got you interested yet!

I am releasing my hubby’s dick from the CB3000 male chastity cock cage.


He is waking up for a week now with the device grasping the hell out of his dick.

As he wakes up, I watch his morning wood fill the male chastity device and guess what nothing excites me more.

It looks quite funny like his penis has a nose pressed hard against a window.

His dick wants to break free, but cannot and trapped breathing for release.

So why does he do this? For him, not being able to touch his cock until I want him to–is a thrilling experience.

There is more… we want to share our feelings related to different male and female bondage toys with you.

Why Choose the CB-X CB-3000 / CB3000 Chastity Cock Cage?


The truth is we wanted to add another kinky toy to our other collection. So what is so enjoyable about that?

You will be amazed at what wonders it can do to your sex drive. You hold the penis softly in your hand and start locking it away in the cage.

Slowly give it a last stroke and kiss before it goes into exile.  For as long as you want, he will not be able to stroke your cherished possession.

Therefore, if you want to give your man denial play while you the dominant do as you please the CB3000 male chastity belt makes it all possible.

Yes, you read that right and gets better!

With the CB-X, you can cage your lover tight and leaves no room for an erection.

However, the mechanism may seem simple when looking at it at first; installing it is a different story.

So let us get to the CB-3000 Male Chastity Review.

What Makes The CB3000 Chastity Cage Unique?


Once we removed the chastity cage from the package, the first thing we noticed is the plastic dong-shape to hold the penis tightly in place.

There is more!

We received five cock ring sizes, locking pins, spacers, brass padlock, and a pretty pouch to keep everything together.


The CB-3000 male chastity cage kit we received has a transparent color, and you can get them in different finishes.


On the other hand, I prefer the see-through color as I can see his dick, and the fact that he cannot play is thrilling.

That’s right and to spice it up more you can purchase different colorful cock locks as well.

So How Does The CB-3000 Penis Cage and Lock Set Work?

CB-3000 Cock Lock Parts

Luckily, it is not rocket science! A ring goes around the base of the penis to trap the balls between the ring and cage.

Believe me, it looks like a peasant’s head from medieval times in stocks.

Further, the ring locks the enclosure, and with the padlock, you secure the whole caboodle to your man.

Once closed, it is all up to Master or Mistress to help with sexual release.

On the other hand, the natural penis shape provides comfort for the slave to wear for long periods and does not cause a bulge in the pants.

At the end of the cage is an opening to pass urine—so no excuses to ask for the key from the keyholder.

The plastic locks numbered and boys it does not go off with metal detectors. Also, there is even a princess-pink one for forced fem play.

Our Experience Using the CB-3000 Clear Male Chastity

First off, if you do not know the cage of shame male chastity, the directions for first-time users are not much help.

Now do not start thinking, oh boy, why should I buy it?

Do not let this put you down as you can find a helpful animated GIF, on the device website to figure it out.

So if you do not want to frown and scowl, make sure to check it.

Once, we got Mr. P into his cage the first day, hubby mentioned the shape and weight of the device are not uncomfortable.

For him, this is a big plus, as he needs to feel comfortable.

Even after putting on his pants, there was no significant bulge, even in his sexy form-fitting jeans. He did mention his basket felt large but fun.

By the second day, he mentioned it made him feel horny as no one even notices when he walks in town, and it is his kinky secret.

Another enjoyable part he loves about wearing the chastity cages he thinks about his cock the whole time.

However, it remains obsolete as he wants to fuck all the time but cannot.

What is the Most Difficult Part Wearing the Penis Chastity Cock Cage?

The hardest part my husband found was to pee, as he needs to do it through a hole at the end.

The problem is his cock is shorter than the plastic molded piece and causes a dribble instead of a stream.

Therefore, he had to sit down like a lady instead of standing.

While showering with it was not great either as getting the inside dry was challenging (so out comes the hairdryer on a light-warm heat setting.)

Another thing we have learned over time with chastity cages is to make fun of it. So how do we do this—wait for it!

I remove it after a day or two for a good cleaning and rub to build up the sex drive and cage him back in.

So if you feel keeping it on without a good cleaning is nasty, try the hairdryer. After a few days, your slave will feel like relieving his cock.

CB3000 Stealth – Can it Hold Your Mans Dick Without Breaking Out?

Heck yes, it can. When it comes to fooling around my man’s cock starts to press out in the cage.

The containment feels good, however, at full mast, it can become uncomfortable.

The exciting part he cannot touch himself, and by the seventh day, he is begging for it. Now you know why today is an exciting day.

By tonight, he will be free of his man cage, because as much as he is throbbing already, I am too.  

Is the CB-X Male Chastity Device Worth Buying?


A definite yes, if you are new to male chastity cages and do not want to keep your man tied up all day the CB3000 male chastity cock cage is worth it.

Your lover will be keen on the feeling of having his cock locked in a cage, and you have control of the key.

Furthermore, you can open the delicious box when you feel the need.

However, if you suffer from OCD, you will have to remove it for a good cleaning and do not forget to make fun of it.

Alternatively, it fits comfortably and takes time to get used to it if you are new to male chastity devices.

Your man will pee like a woman (so sexy), but he will not be able to play as that part is left up to you. So check it out and make your selection, as the choice is up to you.

Squirting Dildo – Get More Personal With Your Sex Toys

Fake Cum Dildo

Is having an orgasm at a precise moment part of your kink?

Then finding a desperate sex companion does not have to be on your naughty list (unless you want one there!).

Thanks to the modern world of technology, you can equip yourself with a squirting dildo that hosts ejaculating features to make sure you get a personal feeling as it blows its load into you.

So what makes the ejaculating dildo so unique?

You have full control over it and decide when it is the right time to squirt. You can experience penetration for as long as you want. When the time is right, you can enjoy an explosive finish!

Compared to other sex toys the ejaculating dildo is rare, and few of them offer you the most lifelike feeling. So best to take caution when choosing one.

If you are like us, you want one with a fantastic design to create an intense pleasure without the frustrated feeling of let down.

Do you want to make sure you get the best one? We are here to help you find the best one. Follow some of the guidelines we have set out here.

What is an Ejaculating Dildo

Jizzling Dildo

How many times have you held a penis in your hands (we are confident many times.)

Well, the squirting dildo looks like the real thing, and it shoots fake semen to give you the sensation of a man exploding over or in you.

The toy you can use for artificial insemination, pegging, realistic body, facials ,with chastity device or even as a shot dispenser at parties.

How does the squirting dildo work?

All fake cum dildo has a tubing, and some even have a syringe that you can fill and attach to the tube. With the force to release the semen, you have precise control when it is time to squirt or even do powerful long-distance shots to hit the ceiling.

You can buy one that looks similar to a turkey baster. With this jizzing dildo, you dip the head of the penis in a liquid and squeeze tight on the balls. By doing this, it sucks up the juice and once squeezed the luscious fluid comes out (if only all cocks worked that way!) Some of them have external pumps connected to the tubing.

For use with a harness, it is perfect, as it needs no extra pressure on the balls to cause an explosive orgasm.

What is the Best Artificial Semen to Choose for Your Squirting Dildo?

Ejaculating Dildo Lube

Now that you have picked your perfect sex partner, how do you decide on which semen to use with the dildo? We like the one with a milky white color that looks like the real thing. A few brands are offering specialized lubes made for sex toys.

The best is to stick to the brand that works with the squirting dildo you bought—this prevents the tubing from clogging up, and the material of the toy stays intact. You can also use a hybrid silicone lube that is safe for your anus and vagina.

If you want to use it to simulate a facial come you can pick an edible and flavored one (imagine a man’s semen had a flavored taste!)

You can look at brands such as

Bust It Nut Butter Hybrid Glide, Splooge Juice, Spunk Lube Hybrid, and POP Lube.

Not only do they look great they feel fantastic as well.

All of these resemble semen and come from trusted brands. Now you may be wondering if they are safe. Yes, they are and made of safe ingredients that will not harm your body.

The thing is that with a fake cum dildo you may be using more lube than you would when only playing. The lubrication is going to squirt inside you and leak out, and this is where the fun starts.

For oral play, we recommend you look at the Doc Johnson range, as it will have no side effects if you do swallow it.

Picking the Right Size and Color Squirting DildoVibrating Squirting Dildo

You can choose your preferred shade, shape, and size when selecting your lifelike ejaculating dildo. If you prefer a huge, one you can look at a brand like the king cock. The monster measures 12-inches and is sure to fill you up.

Shades can vary in white, black, or brown and some even have a pink color. For extra sensation and realism, the texture of the dildo and veins added is essential. One of the most lifelike dildos you can buy is the Doc Johnson one that measures 5.5-inches.

For the best realistic experience, purchase one with silicone textures, as they are silky smooth and easy to clean. Another, practical material to look for is phthalate free PVC or Cyberskin. The only problem we have with this toy is that they are spongy and difficult to clean.

To keep them clean you need to run them under hot water after use and keep them stored in a dry location.

Our Top Squirting Dildo Selection

Doc Johnson’s Ejaculating DildoDoc Johnson Realistic Ejaculating Dildo

For a powerful squirter that can ejaculate across the room and hit the ceiling, you need this one. You can fill the syringe with nut butter solution or any other fluids. The toy shoots little bursts and long blasts of cum depending on your needs.

The fantastic thing is you can attach the jizzing dildo with any o-ring or vac-u-lock harness device. The penis is large at 8.5-inches in length, and the veins add for a great feel. On the tip is a realistic ridge to give you extra pleasure.

The only problem is the toy has a PVC structure making it porous and difficult to clean. If you are troubled about cleanliness, you can use it with a condom, but might not serve the original purpose of feeling it explode inside you.

Make sure to use with water-based loop and clean it with warm soapy water. Included you will receive the nut butter fake semen with a suction cup.

Pop Squirting DildoPOP Squirting Dildo

The fake cum dildo has a medical grade silicone with a silky smooth texture that is soft against the skin. The shape is excellent, and it has pleasurable ridges to tickle every part of your vagina. The squirt is prevailing with a range up to 6-feet.

The bulb can suck up nearly a quarter cup of fluid, and you can buy an optional large bulb. Another benefit is the dildo works with different harnesses, and the tube goes out the back and not the side. The POP designed initially for artificial insemination works well with a harness.

The best is to use a bowl to fill the device as it makes submerging the tip into the fake semen easier. Now if you want to add extra realism, you can heat the lube in a bowl of hot water before using it. The cock measures 7-inches and is not too big or small, and the head is massive.

Squirts Cum Shooting DildoSquirting Realistic Dildo

The ejaculating dildo is a monster at 8-inches and works like a turkey baster. All you have to to do is dip the tip into the lube and squeeze the balls. Once filled you only need to squeeze the testicles to shoot the fluid and the hard you press the further it pulls.

The biggest concern is that it has a Cyberskin structure and best to use with water-based lube. The fake cum easily washes off. The toys have a real softness and feel, and you can use it with a condom to last longer. You can use it with an o-ring harness or vac-u-lock one.

The base is flexible, and it has a firm top and gives a strong squirt.

One Final Note You Should Know About Squirting DildosSquirting Cock Dildo

Using a squirting dildo is fun and makes fantasy play even better. You need to remember that the majority of jizzing dildos have a PVC structure. The texture can harbor and grow bacteria and best to use a condom with it. However, it does not then serve the purpose of feeling the warm sensation of fake cum shooting inside.

So if you want the most realistic feeling when using your dildo picks one made with medical grade material. Whether you choose PVC, medical grade, or Cyberskin one always make sure you keep your toy clean with warm water.

Never share your toys between partners, especially anal play (with the exception to the rule using the POP or Drencher Squirting Cock made of silicone.

With that said happy squirting!