Sissy Chastity Devices – Pick the best one

Sissy Chastity Devices

Today, we want to delve into the joys and torments of Sissy Chastity Devices. The majority of times these chastity belts you use in BDSM play. However, many people use it for other reasons as well.

No matter what your reason might be with one of these sex toys, your dominant can have full control over your desires.

Whether you use it for sexual tease & denial, appreciation of sexual release, to increase your sex drive, reminder of ownership, or training or behavior correction, you can find a suitable device here.

The Best Sissy Chastity Devices

Kinky Chastity Fun

These days you can find different chastise devices to serve your needs in providing comfort to a perfect fit. So if you are in the market to find a male chastity device you can look at the following products listed here.

Chaste Bird 2020

Sissy Chastity Device

Here we have a new arrival that provides full restraint 24-hour device. In the set, you get a cage with four different rings. Furthermore, you get one pin with built-in lock and two keys.

You even get a zippered bag to place your device in when not used. The construction is PVC and provides ample space, and your balls are tightly secure as well.

If you prefer stainless steel instead of plastic, they also have one available to fit your size. With it, you can trap your bird while your dominant has full control of your sexual release.

Furthermore, you can lock it two ways using the padlock or the built-in lock. Even cleaning is easy with mild soap and a soft brush.

Male Chastity Sissy Belt

Male Chastity Sissy Belt

The sissy chastity is handmade and keeps your belongings secure. The device is comfortable to wear and the best of all it has a unisex design that both men and woman can wear.

All you need to do is to buy new toys to add on. The chastity device has a metal structure covered with soft plastic for a comfortable fit.

Furthermore, you can buy it in pink, blue or black to suit your taste. To keep it secure, you get a lock and two keys for safekeeping. To kink things up you can use it with a but plug as well.

New Male Chastity Cock Cage

New Male Chastity Cage

The cock cage has a durable design, and once your cock is locked up you can forget about getting an erection. Therefore, the device is ideal for BDSM use where you’re dominant has full control of everything you do.

The fabric used to construct the cock cage is plastic and comes with a lock and key. Included you get four penis rings for a comfortable fit as well.

Furthermore, it is lightweight without adding weight on the cock and very discreet when worn under the clothing. So no one will know about your little secret.

Plastic Male Sissy Chastity Device




If you need sissy chastity with a difference to use for fun, you will love this purple plastic male chastity cage. You can buy it in two sizes small and large so best to make sure you get the best fit.

Furthermore, you get five base rings, and you get it packed in a discrete box as well. On the other hand, compared to other cock cages this one looks like fish making it a bit kinkier for play.

However, we do not recommend it for complete sexual denial but more for fun.

Adjustable Stainless Steel sissy Chastity Cage

Adjustable Cock Cage


Are you a beginner starting in sissy chastity? You will find the flexible stainless steel cock cage a big help. The device is easy to control at the bottom and lightweight at the same time.

Furthermore, the stainless steel structures comfortable and adjustable for a perfect fit. With the one ring provided, you can adjust it to the ideal fit.

Another highlight is that it is discrete when worn and does not show in skinny tight jeans. What is more, you must agree it looks gorgeous.

Stainless Steel Male Sissy Chastity Device


Male Stainless Steel Underwear

The male chastise device is made by hand with high-quality steel. Furthermore, it is hand polished and comprises no nickel or chrome plating.

For comfort, the linings made with food-grade silicone, and you can adjust the waistline for a comfortable fit. On the inside, it’s fitted with a cock tube to keep your penis secure.

If you are into role-playing or enjoy living out your fantasy you will benefit using this device.

Stainless Steel Male Chastity Belt

Male Chastity Cage


The male chastity belt has a featherweight feel to it, and you will not feel it when worn. Furthermore, it is made for couple sex games and can prevent your lover from cheating.

You can buy it in a wide selection of shades to fit in with your lifestyle as well. For the ideal fit, you can choose from six sizes or have one custom fit.

As a bonus, you get a detachable anal plug with five beads. You also get cock rings as well.

Adjustable T-type Chastity Belt

Adjustable T-type Chastity Belt


Nothing is sexier than this chastity belt made with stainless steel and silicone waist lining. The waist and crotch are fully adjustable, and you can buy it in pink, black, or blue.

Furthermore, you get six waist sizes to choose from. Once you fit this stealth chastity device your man will not be able to touch, and it comes with a lock and key as well.

Sissy Chastity Device with Vented Holes

Vent Hole Cock Cage


The material used to construct the vented cock cage is plastic and best to make sure you are not allergic to it. You get double rings for a perfect fit but remain secure to prevent escape.

For long-time wearing the vented design provides more comfortable wear leaving your skin to breathe. The medical plastic still provides a secure cage that prevents a full erection

While this is a new release, the company is working on a medical-grade stainless steel one as well. Included you get a lock with four rings.

Stainless Steel Penis Cage

Penis Cage


The chastity devices full length is 62mm with a cage length of 45mm, and the case diameter is 33mm. You get three-snap ring options measuring from 40mm, 45mm to 50mm.

All the edges are smooth, and it has a new lock design. One thing is for sure once you have the stainless steel penis cage on your dick is going nowhere without permission from your dominant.

Final Thoughts on Sissy Chastity Devices

Kinky Sissy Chastity Devices Play

One fact is that not all sissy chastity devices are the same. You can find several devices to serve your specific needs of sexual play. So take a deep breath and decide which one works best for you.

Now breathe out and let it go you are done. If you have some other exciting devices you would like to share, feel free to leave a comment below.

Maybe you have some tips or tricks we would love to hear. Have a fun-filled kinky day from Alfre.


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