Dominix Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage – Beginner Guide

Hey there, fellow adventurers! Are you looking for a new experience that will leave you feeling empowered and in control? Look no further than the DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage.

This beginner’s guide will show you how to take your first steps into the world of male chastity and explore the exciting possibilities it holds.

If you’re curious about male chastity but don’t know where to start, this guide is for you. We’ll walk you through everything from selecting the right size cage for your body to getting used to wearing it for extended periods.

Dominix Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage

Whether you’re looking to spice up your sex life or simply want to experience the thrill of relinquishing control, the DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage is a great place to start.

So strap in, buckle up, and get ready for an adventure unlike any other!

What Is A Chastity Cage?

I’m sure you’ve heard of chastity cages, but do you know what they are and what they’re used for?

A chastity cage is a tool used for BDSM play that prevents people from engaging in sexual activities.

The purpose of a chastity cage is to allow one partner to control the other’s sexual activities, either as a form of punishment or as a way to increase sexual pleasure.

The cages are usually made of metal or plastic, and they come in different sizes and shapes to best meet the individual needs of the wearer.

It’s important to take proper care of your chastity cage to ensure it lasts long and works properly.

Cleaning with warm water and mild soap is usually enough to maintain the cage’s integrity.

Additionally, it’s important to inspect the cage regularly to make sure it isn’t causing any discomfort or pain.

Chastity Purpose

Hey there, have you ever felt like you were losing control of your own body? The Dominix Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage could be the tool you need to regain that control.

This chastity cage offers numerous benefits such as sexual control, psychological effects, improved relationship dynamics, and self-discipline.

Sexual control is one of the main benefits of using a chastity cage. By locking yourself up, you are taking away the temptation to engage in sexual activity without permission. This can lead to more meaningful and intimate experiences with your partner.

Additionally, the psychological effects of wearing a chastity cage can help increase focus and discipline in other areas of life. It’s amazing how much more productive one can be when not constantly distracted by sexual thoughts!

Overall, incorporating a Dominix Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage into your routine can lead to a healthier and more fulfilling sex life while also improving various aspects of your personal growth.

Cage Materials

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of using a chastity cage, let’s dive into the different materials used to make these cages.

Typically, there are two options: metal and silicone. Both have their pros and cons when it comes to comfort, durability, and hygiene.

Metal cages tend to be more durable than their silicone counterparts, which can be prone to tearing or stretching over time. However, metal cages may also be less comfortable due to their weight and rigidity.

On the other hand, silicone cages are often softer and more flexible, making them a more comfortable option for long-term wear. Size options may also vary depending on the material used.

When considering hygiene considerations, both metal and silicone cages require regular cleaning to prevent bacterial growth. It’s important to choose a material that allows for easy cleaning without compromising comfort or durability concerns.

Ultimately, choosing a cage material will depend on personal preference and individual needs.

Cage Care

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of using a chastity cage and the different materials used, it’s time to talk about how to take care of your cage. Proper care can help prolong its lifespan and ensure good hygiene practices.

First and foremost, cleaning techniques are crucial in maintaining a healthy and safe environment for your genitals. Make sure to clean your cage regularly with warm water and mild soap, taking extra care around any crevices or hard-to-reach areas. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the surface of your cage.

Additionally, lubricant use can help reduce friction between the skin and the material, making it more comfortable to wear for extended periods.

When not in use, store your cage in a dry and cool place to prevent mold growth or other forms of deterioration. Remember that proper material selection is also important for easy maintenance and hygiene practices.

By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to keep your chastity cage in top shape for as long as possible.

How To Put On A Dominix Deluxe Chastity Cage

Dominix Deluxe Chastity Cage

I’m getting ready to wear my DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cage and I’m a bit nervous.

First, I need to make sure I’m properly cleaned and that my device is too.

Then, I’ll need to figure out how to secure the cage properly, so it fits snugly and securely.

I’m sure it’ll be easier than it seems, but I’m still a bit apprehensive.

Wish me luck!

Preparing For Wear

When it comes to preparing for wearing a DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cage, there are several things to keep in mind.

First and foremost, make sure you have selected the correct size cage for your anatomy. This can be done by measuring yourself carefully and consulting the sizing guide provided by the manufacturer.

Once you have your cage, it’s a good idea to practice putting it on and taking it off a few times before actually wearing it for an extended period.

Another important aspect of preparation is proper lubrication. Applying some water-based lube to both yourself and the cage can help ensure a smoother and more comfortable fit.

Additionally, practicing good hygiene practices is crucial when using any type of chastity device. Be sure to clean both yourself and the cage thoroughly before and after each use.

Finally, if you experience any discomfort or chafing while wearing your cage, don’t hesitate to try out different comfort solutions such as using padding or adjusting the fit until you find what works best for you.

Securing The Cage

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of preparation when it comes to wearing a DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cage, let’s move on to the next step: securing the cage.

This is a crucial part of the process, as it ensures that the device stays in place and does its job effectively.

To secure the cage, you’ll need to use the locking mechanism provided with your device. This typically involves placing a small padlock through a loop or ring on the cage, thus preventing it from being removed without the key.

Key management is also an important consideration at this stage – make sure you keep your key in a safe and accessible place, as you will need it to remove the cage when necessary. It’s also worth considering investing in a spare key or two, just in case.

Comfort level is another important factor to consider when securing your chastity cage. Make sure that it fits snugly but not too tightly, and adjust the size if necessary using any included spacers or rings.

Remember that this is something you’ll be wearing for an extended period, so it’s worth taking some time to get it right. Finally, consider how long you plan to wear your cage for at any given time – starting off with shorter durations and building up gradually can help you get used to the sensation and avoid discomfort or chafing.

Safety Tips For Wearing A Chastity Cage

Chastity Cage

I think it’s important to prepare properly before wearing a chastity cage, so I always make sure to read the instructions carefully and familiarize myself with the device.

Cleanliness is also key, so I make sure to thoroughly clean the device before and after each use with a bar of gentle soap and warm water.

Additionally, I always check the device for any signs of wear and tear before putting it on to ensure my safety.

Finally, I always make sure to lubricate the device before and after each use to keep it from becoming uncomfortable.


Are you ready to embark on a journey toward sexual submission? If you’re new to the world of chastity cages, it’s important to prepare yourself both mentally and physically.

First and foremost, choosing the right size is crucial for a comfortable fit. Don’t make the mistake of going too small or too large – take accurate measurements before making your purchase.

Once you’ve received your Dominix Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage, it’s time to mentally prepare yourself for what lies ahead. It can be daunting to relinquish control of your own pleasure, but remember that this is all about trust and exploration.

When it comes to physical preparation, lubrication is key. Before putting on your cage, apply some water-based lube to your penis and testicles. This will not only help with comfort but will also prevent any chafing or irritation. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of lube until you find one that works best for you.

Once the cage is on, make any necessary adjustments until it feels snug but not too tight. Remember that discomfort should never be part of the experience – if something doesn’t feel right, don’t hesitate to remove the cage and try again later.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well-equipped for a safe and satisfying chastity experience!


Now that you’re mentally and physically prepared for your journey toward sexual submission with your Dominix Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage, it’s important to prioritize safety while wearing it.

A crucial aspect of this is proper cleaning and maintenance of the cage.

To keep your cage clean and hygienic, you’ll need some mild soap or toy cleaner, warm water, and a soft cloth or brush.

It’s recommended to clean the cage after each use to prevent bacterial growth and odor.

When cleaning, be sure to remove any parts that can be detached before washing thoroughly.

Dry the cage completely before reassembling it.

Remember to never share your chastity cage with others as this can spread infections.

With these tips and tricks in mind, you can ensure a safe and satisfying experience while wearing your chastity cage.

How To Clean And Maintain A Chastity Cage

I’m new to wearing a Chastity Cage, so I want to make sure I’m cleaning and maintaining it properly.

Cleaning it regularly is important to keep it in good condition and free from any bacteria.

I’m also learning how to maintain it so it stays in good shape and lasts longer.

Finally, I want to make sure I’m not doing anything that could damage it or hurt me.


Hey there! Are you new to the world of chastity cages and looking for some cleaning tips?

Hygiene practices are crucial when it comes to maintaining a healthy and comfortable experience with your Dominix Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage. Firstly, make sure to clean it thoroughly after each use. There are multiple disinfecting methods available, such as using warm water and soap or using a sex toy cleaner. Just be careful not to damage the material of your cage by using harsh chemicals!

Additionally, proper storage solutions can also help maintain the longevity of your cage. Store it in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight or any other heat sources that could potentially warp the material.

Lastly, always pay attention to the care instructions provided with your specific cage – different materials may require different methods of cleaning and maintenance. By following these simple steps, you can ensure a clean and comfortable experience with your Dominix Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage.


Now that we’ve talked about cleaning tips for your Dominix Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage, let’s focus on maintenance.

Ensuring the durability of your chastity cage is just as important as keeping it clean and hygienic.

One way to maintain its quality is by using the right lube options.

Always check the compatibility of your chosen lubricant with the material of your cage to avoid any damage or degradation.

Silicone-based lubes are generally safe to use, but water-based ones are also a great option.

Another factor to consider is storage solutions.

Storing your cage in a cool and dry place can prevent warping or cracking of the material, which can lead to discomfort during wear.

It’s best to keep it away from direct sunlight or any heat sources that may cause damage.

Additionally, make sure to follow the care instructions provided with your specific cage since different materials may require different methods of cleaning and maintenance.

By taking these steps, you can maintain a long-lasting and comfortable experience with your chastity cage.

Benefits Of Wearing A Dominix Deluxe Chastity Cage

I’m really enjoying the increased intimacy that wearing a DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cage brings to my relationship.

With the cage in place, my partner and I can explore a whole new level of stimulation.

My partner especially appreciates the heightened sensations during sex and it’s been great for us both.

We’re certainly reaping the rewards of the cage and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to spice things up!

Increased Intimacy

Hey there! Are you looking to spice up your relationship and take things to the next level? Well, have you considered trying out a DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cage?

Not only can it bring excitement into the bedroom, but it can also lead to increased intimacy between partners. By wearing a chastity cage, couples can explore their sexual desires in a new way that requires communication and trust.

It allows for emotional connection and vulnerability, which can improve communication skills and build a stronger bond. Some couples even turn to couples counseling as they explore this new dynamic together.

So if you’re looking for a way to deepen your relationship and embark on an exciting sexual journey with your partner, consider trying out a DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cage. Let the exploration begin!

Enhanced Stimulation

Now that we’ve talked about how wearing a DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cage can deepen the emotional connection between partners, let’s dive into another benefit: enhanced stimulation.

As someone who values sensation exploration and craves new experiences, I was intrigued to learn that sensory deprivation is a key aspect of using a chastity cage. By limiting access to one’s most sensitive areas, the wearer becomes hyper-aware of any touch or sensation in that region. This can lead to an incredibly intense experience when the cage is eventually removed.

But it’s not just physical sensations that are heightened – power dynamics and orgasm control also come into play. The psychological aspects of wearing a chastity cage can be just as exciting as the physical ones.

For some couples, the idea of one partner having control over the other’s sexual release can be incredibly arousing. It adds an element of anticipation and excitement to every encounter, making even simple touches or glances feel charged with energy.

Overall, exploring enhanced stimulation through a DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cage can be an exhilarating journey for couples who are ready to take their relationship to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Can You Wear A Dominix Deluxe Chastity Cage For?

When it comes to wearing a chastity cage, there are a few factors that come into play.

Firstly, comfort is key. No one wants to be stuck in an uncomfortable device all day long. That’s why choosing the right size and shape is crucial.

Secondly, hygiene is important. Keeping the cage clean and dry will help prevent any unwanted infections or discomfort.

Thirdly, safety should always be a top priority. Make sure you can easily remove the device in case of an emergency.

Finally, maintenance is key to keeping your cage in top condition for longer wear times.

By following these guidelines, you can experience the benefits of chastity play while feeling confident and safe for long periods.

Can You Use Lubricant With A Chastity Cage?

If you’re new to the world of chastity cages, you may be wondering if it’s safe to use lubricant with your device.

The answer is yes, but it’s important to choose a lubricant that won’t damage the materials or weaken the lock. Water-based lubricants are usually the safest option, but silicone-based lubes can also work well.

To avoid discomfort, make sure to apply the lube evenly and avoid using too much. After use, clean your chastity cage thoroughly with soap and water to prevent any buildup or irritation.

Using lubricant can enhance your experience and make wearing a chastity cage more comfortable overall.

Is It Possible To Have Sex While Wearing A Chastity Cage?

Imagine being a bird with clipped wings, looking up at the endless sky, yearning for freedom. That’s what it feels like to have sex while wearing a chastity cage.

The pros of chastity play are plenty: heightened anticipation, increased intimacy, and a sense of control. However, there are cons and safety concerns to consider before locking yourself up.

Partner communication is crucial – without clear boundaries and constant check-ins, chastity can quickly turn into a nightmare. The psychological effects can be both positive and negative, depending on your mindset.

And if you’re not ready for the commitment, there are alternative options like tease and denial or role-playing that might suit you better.

Ultimately, whether you choose to explore chastity or not, remember that freedom is always within reach – even if it’s just in your mind.

What Happens If You Lose The Key To The Chastity Cage?

Losing the key to a chastity cage can be a real nightmare, especially if you’re not prepared for it. But don’t worry, there are options available to you.

You could try breaking the lock, although this is not recommended as it can damage the cage and potentially harm yourself. Another option is to seek professional help from a locksmith or sex toy store that specializes in chastity cages. They may be able to provide replacement keys or even remove the cage altogether.

However, keep in mind that there can be psychological effects of being locked up without the key, so it’s important to have emergency solutions in place just in case. As someone who craves freedom, losing the key to a chastity cage can be frustrating, but with these replacement options and emergency solutions available, you can still maintain control over your own body and desires.

Can You Travel With A Chastity Cage On?

Oh boy, let me tell you about the logistics of traveling with a chastity cage on.

I mean, it’s not like you can just toss it in your carry-on and be on your merry way. No, no, no.

You have to think about airport security and how they’re going to react when they see that metal contraption on the X-ray machine.

And let’s not forget about the discomfort level – sitting in a cramped airplane seat for hours with that thing on? Yikes.

Plus, there’s always the social stigma to consider. Not everyone is going to be accepting of your lifestyle choices, so you might want to keep it under wraps while out and about.

But hey, if cultural acceptance is important to you, then go ahead and flaunt that chastity cage for all to see!


In conclusion, the DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage is a perfect device for those who want to explore their sexual fantasies and take things up a notch. It’s an experience unlike any other, and I can vouch that it truly is a unique sensation.

You might feel like you’re missing out on something if you don’t try it! I highly recommend this product to anyone interested in chastity play, and it’s a great way to spice up your sex life.

The feeling of being locked up is indescribable and will leave you begging for more! Trust me; there’s nothing quite like wearing a chastity cage all day long. It’s an exhilarating experience that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime!

Permanent Chastity Reality – Never take lightly !

Reality of Male Celibacy

Permanent Chastity you should never take lightly! So why do we say this?

The reality is you and your lover should see it as a lifestyle change that can be extreme and rewarding at the same time.

Couples want to test the waters, as chastity is a fantasy! However, how safe is enforced chastity for long-term use?

The answer permanent chastity is COMPLETELY SAFE as long as there are safety measures in place, and you follow proper hygiene.

On the other hand, your sub man needs time to adjust to the new reality while wearing the chastity cock cage.

These are essential factors to have an enjoyable permanent chastity experience! So how do you prepare your man for long-term chastity?

Get all the ins and outs right here!

Find the Perfect Permanent Chastity Device

Enforced Male Chastity Device

What is the best male chastity device?

Excellent question it is the one that fits you!

You can spend your money on the Fancy Steel Chastity Slim Fit Belt or the CB6000 male cock cage the fact remains it needs to fit snug and not too tight.

The device must feel comfortable without rubbing or pinching against any part of the penis or testicles.

Therefore, your penis cage needs to fit like a glove.

So make sure to note if you see any red marks, chafing, rubbing, and pain and more while wearing.

Furthermore, do not go and choose a cock ring one size smaller, thinking a tight fit is more effective for long-term chastity.

A fact is that it is hazardous to your penis and health. You do not want to feel chafed or have sensitive skin during your permanent chastity.

As a result, how do you know if the cock rings are a perfect size?

If you can wear it four hours without your balls, slipping out you have the right fit.

Alternatively, you can place your middle finger between your skin and the ring up to the first joint.

Lastly, for long-term use choosing a cage that is slightly larger than your dick might not be the best solution.

So why choose a snugger fit? When it fits snug, it lines up well with the urethra making it comfortable to pee.

At least you will not end up peeing on your foot. 

Think about hygiene!

Long-Term Health Care

With permanent chastity, hygiene plays an important role.

You need to keep it clean when wearing it for extended periods to prevent odor from forming as it leads to a big turnoff.

While stainless steel cages have ample holes with breathable areas, the device remains locked.

Get yourself a showerhead you can set to high to flush-unwanted fluids out of the cage.

Furthermore, get some Q-tips to clean your cock.

Lastly, make sure to dry the cage after getting it wet to prevent unpleasant smells and more.  

Preparing your man for long-term chastity

Locked Permanently

While allowing your sub having one orgasm a year keeps him eager to serve you and something to look forward to—you need to get him used to it at first.

Therefore, you can get a short-term chastity device to begin the training for the first few months. Start with a full month before you give your sub a break.

Leave him at least for a week to ease the body and allow him to orgasm to prepare the mind mentally. You may even find he wants to cage longer as the orgasms more tremendous caged.

After the week, get him back into the device for one more month. Now is the time to challenge his obedience and devotion.

Chastity Teasing

So keep his libido high with some teasing and temptation.

Do this by asking for oral sex at least once a week; however, let him rest for a week after completing a month. Now you can start shopping for a permanent chastity device that is safe to wear.

On the other hand, now you need to give him his last sexual pleasure and lock in up for good. He will become the slave you desire and want.

However, permanent male chastity is not for everyone and can remain a far-fetched fantasy.

What are the effects of Permanent Chastity?

Myths of Enforced Chastity

While there are many myths around permanent chastity wearing a cock cage for the long term is healthy and safe.

So what are the myths around wearing a chastity device long-term?

Will it cause erectile dysfunction?

The myth is untrue, and it does not cause difficulty peeing, erectile dysfunction, or any other problems related to the function of the penis.

Urologists have consulted these matters and found no side effects associated with it.

Chastity causes nocturnal pain

Another fable that is not true. Many people say that wearing a cock can cause severe pain when you get an erection throughout the night.

The truth is that if you have a properly fitted chastity device, it should not cause any problems.

The only time it may cause discomfort is if you sleep on your stomach. Some subs have mentioned minor chafing due to this.

On the other hand, many men prefer staying un-caged overnight a couple of times per month as the nocturnal erection helps promote blood flow to your penis.

Therefore, discuss it with your keyholder for overnight uncaging.

Causes shrinkage

When you do permanent chastity, it makes your balls and penis small. Here we have another myth that is true for some users, while others found no change at all.

The fact is if you have extended periods of male chastity for a couple of months and more not having an erection or orgasm could cause shrinking of the erectile tissue on your dick.

However, if concerned, this might happen to you, talk to your mistress, or master to schedule frequent orgasms or overnight un-caging instead.

Male Chastity is Safe but say no to Spikes

Male Chastity Device with Nails

Taking part in permanent chastity has some mere myths associated with it due to misinformation.

However, there is one truly dangerous cock cage the spiked chastity device!

You can find a male chastity device that has spikes known as anti-pullout pins on the inside tube.

Why is it there? It prevents the man from pulling his cock out of the invention.

If you try to break out, the spikes dig into your dick, and it’s painful. The same thing happens when you touch yourself or get an erection.


Spiked Chastity Device Pain

These anti-pullout pins cause long-term harm and are dangerous. The fact is whether you do enforce chastity for years or short-term celibacy involuntary nighttime erections continue to happen.

There is a reason why a man wakes up with morning glory, as it is the body’s way to ensure that blood circulates properly.

Furthermore, it is normal and healthy.

Not only will these pins cut into the penis during the night it causes abrasions as well.

So if you are planning long-term chastity, use a male cock cage that is safe.

Sexual Pleasure after Chastity

Key holder’s think of it this way, what use is your subs penis for you when you do release him from captivity if his dick is bruised and not able to function.

So choose a comfortable fitting man’s chastity device to achieve great results.