Male Chastity Captions and Dreams

Male Chastity Captions

Keyholders, you do not always have the time to fulfill your caged man’s desires, do you!

Caged men, we know you love a bit of teasing, even when your master cannot provide it right!

On the other hand, maybe you are considering male chastity and still unsure!

Luckily, you can solve all of these problems with male chastity captions and dreams.

With the following captions we have here, it is not only erotic but also each woman declares how they want to capture your dick to turn it into putty using their hands.

Male Chastity Captions the Discrete Viewing Pleasure

Chastity Play Locked Up

Are you living out your male chastity fantasy?

Has your master or mistress denied you the sexual gratification and pleasure sensation that comes with it?

Perhaps you are thinking about it or fantasizing about male chastity? Did you know there is an outlet to fuel your male orgasm denial fantasy?

With male chastity captions, you can see if it truly turns you on.

You can visualize yourself in a situation where your man or woman denies you gratification dominating your sexual release.

Male chastity captions make it easier for you to visualize an arrangement between you and your partner.

Take the following chastity caption for instance:

Keyholder Male Chastity Caption

As you can see, there is a sexy woman. Doesn’t she look desirable, and she is looking directly at you.

So what is she telling you? She is telling you how forbidden an orgasm is in various ways.

Are you convinced enough that male chastity is for you? Has she teased you enough to persuade you? Not yet! What about the next one?


She wants you to turn your male chastity fantasy into a reality. She does not care if you have a girlfriend; your tiny caged cock belongs to her.

Furthermore, she knows you are playing to get yourself unlocked.

On the other hand, she wants your girlfriend to wear one of her chastity belts, and she may unlock you as she has the keys to both devices.

Now she has two slaves worshiping her. A fact is that she looks so tempting who does not want to lock them in a cock cage.

Turn Your Fantasy into Reality

Male Chastity Caption Keyholder

So if you want something to prepare you for real male chastity these captions are titillating to help.

Furthermore, each one will gauge you of how much the concept of chastity and orgasm denial excites you to make sure that it is what you want.

There are different captions available you can observe to tickle your specific desires, and you can show it to your partner.

With the male chastity captions, it gives them an idea or motivation why you desire to be chastised.

There are many options to start with your denial play fantasy.

Fendom Chastity

You can refrain from orgasm with your will power, or you can get yourself a male chastity device!  

By doing honor chastity is not easy and more complicated than using a device.

Both ways the choice is up to you and the best way to ease both you and your partner’s imagination is with male chastity captions.

It will give you a better understanding of your desires.

Hand-Picked Selection of Erotic Male Chastity Captions

Not convinced yet look at these seductive images to fuel your chastity wet dreams.

Kinky Sex Play

These sexy dominants have the minimum on, enticing and reminding you how badly you want to touch but can’t.  

Sexual Denial

Maybe you have a chastity fantasy in your mind we have a caption that is fit for you. Browse as you please but remember no touching or orgasms!

Male Chastity Captions
Orgasm Denial
Sexual Denial Play
Sexual Release


Water Based Lube

Lock Your Cock

Male Chastity what is it and how can you get into this kink? You are in luck as we are going to discuss all the joys and torments of cock/penis cages or chastity cages.

Here you can find everything you need to know about this ancient practice! Furthermore, you can find steps on how to start with the kink if you are new to it or want to buy a device.



Male Chastity

One question that comes to most couples’ minds is what the secret is to have a healthy relationship? To answer the question it depends on the person you ask.

For many couples, the male chastity device inspires honesty and openness in the relationship. The metal or plastic cage fits over the man’s genital making it impossible to get an erection.

Furthermore, it prevents the man from engaging in sexual activities as well. The device you wear around the head and shaft of your penis.

The penis tubes held in place with a testicle ring and you can add some of them to a waist harness if preferred.

Once the cock cage is locked, you enter into enforced male chastity, and having an erection becomes uncomfortable.

A fact is that most BDSM enthusiasts use the toy for play, and the wearer becomes the submissive giving up his or her power to the dominant holding the key.

Do you want to enjoy enforced chastity?

Chastity Belts

There are many reasons why both men and women enjoy enforced chastity. Here are some of them:


Sexual Denial & Tease

With sexual denial and tease, it increases the tension exponentially as there is nothing you can do about it.

You savor the moment than racing into an orgasm as most couples do. As an example, you will start with a naughty message while both of you are at work when doing vanilla texting.

All you can do is bite your lip, wait to get home and smile while enjoying the passion worked up throughout the day. With the chastity cage, it does the same job but is stricter.






Sexual Release

Since you cannot masturbate nor have intercourse while wearing your cock cage, the pleasure comes when you are allowed to take it off.

Therefore, your orgasm is more intense, especially when your Dom makes you wear it for weeks on end.








Sex Drive

No matter for what reasons you are in a male chastity device from humiliation, feeling you need to do some naughty, or it is taboo it increases the arousal providing you with a fantastic sex drive.

Alternatively, it can be because you want to spice up your sex life to shake things up or try something new.





BDSM is all about punishment, dynamics, and rewards. Furthermore, it makes up part of your submissive training to boost good behavior and helps discourage wrong actions.


During chastity and BDSM play the relationship of the D is to have physical power or ownership over the sub.

They control his or her body and sexual pleasure. Therefore, your dick belongs to your partner and is locked up.


Enforced Chastity

No matter what level of play you partake in BDSM, both the Dom and Sub need to be SAFE, SANE, SOBER, and CONSENSUAL.

Therefore you need to make sure to use a Safe Word to prevent anything from going wrong. Furthermore, it is the Dom who needs to make sure it is pleasurable and fun and done in a safe environment.

For example, you are wearing your male chastity device for a week.

Your partner is out of town, and you have visible swelling leading to danger and need to remove the device. All you need to do is text with a safe word to your Dom to grant you freedom from the device.


Behaioural Correction Male Chastity


The goal you want to reach wearing a male chastity device is a perfect fitting and comfortable one.

  • Ring Sectionthe ring needs to fit around the penis base and scrotum snug and not slip off. You do not want to have cock and ball torture. If the rings to lose it will not remain on you, and you do not want it too tight preventing blood circulation.
  • Penis Lengthchoosing the tube length the tip of your penis presses at the end of the cage. There must not be compression, and it should not be too short. You do not want discomfort. Furthermore, if it is too long it will not prevent erection and urination becomes disastrous.
  • Penis Diameter when measuring, you need to take your (flaccid) penis into consideration to feel comfortable. It must not be too tight preventing movement as it can cause skin irritation. Furthermore, it should not be too loose, or you will get a full erection.

Therefore, you are aiming for a penis cage that is not too tight or too loose.


Cock Ring

Fitting the ring is the most challenging part of taking loads of time and effort. Do not skip this part and choose the one you think is close enough. Here is how you do it:

  • Start by using a soft measuring tape and measure around your smooth scrotum and penis. Use the initial measurement as a guide to get the number and head to the next step.
  • Now you have two choices to buy an affordable cock ring set by going online or visiting a store to buy a metal ring. Whether you buy online or visit a store, make sure they have your IM available in the set. Alternatively, you can pick a measurement in the middle. Furthermore, make sure to buy more than one ring with a size smaller than a ¼ -inch increment.
  • Now that you have your ring put it around your soft scrotum and penis.
  • To make sure you have a comfortable fit, you need to able to stick your finger between your penis and the ring. If it is tight you can do the next step. However, if you cannot fit your finger in then move up a size. If you have too much room use a size smaller.
  • Once you have the correct ring leave it there, take a walk around the house you can even wear it to work and bed. Do this for a few days so that you can adjust your fit to smaller or bigger.

Here the important thing is to be able to wear the ring without it causing discomfort. Now if you are one of those men not able to find a perfect fit even with a ¼ inch difference, then you are between ⅛ of an inch difference.


Chastity Cage Fitting

Installing the penis cage is also tricky but more manageable than finding the right fit for a ring. Here you will need a ruler and measure under your penis by resting the tip on the ruler.

Now take the measurement where your tip ends. The important thing is that you need to be flaccid and relaxed.

On the other hand, you can take measurements at different times of the day and if in doubt go shorter.

The next step is to fit the penis diameter by placing your flaccid penis on the ruler and measure how wide it is.

Now subtract ½ an inch for a snug fit, and if you want the approximate circumference you can multiply the diameter by 3.14.  Take a soft measuring tape and measure around the penis and compare the number.


The important thing you need to remember is that not all chastity devices are the same. Several designs meet the different needs of sexual play. Here are some accessories you can look at:

CB 6000

CB6000 Chastity Cage

The CB6000 is known as the white brand with basic construction. However, you can find it with other titles as well.

The device is made up of a ring with a molded shaft and head section. There is a slit at the end for urination.

You can find it in a curved tube design instead of an end section shaped like your penis head. Some have cages instead of slits at the end. While others offer you a detachable tip, you can remove.





Metal Bar

There are also different ways to fit the cock cage with a ring around your penis, a metal bar running along the penis (found in the Birdcage) or you can get a combination of both creating a web-like pattern.









Metal & Ventilated Cock

Alternatively, another distinction found in male chastity devices is how much skin is shown and how much you can feel when wearing it.

  • Open End – here the end comes off, leaving you with your head exposed and allows for stimulation.
  • Partially Closes – as seen in the CB 6000 that offers no stimulation and mostly closed.
  • Caged – here you have the metal bars providing ventilation and restricts stimulation.
  • Completely Closed – the cock cage allows for no form of stimulation and has no ventilation. Furthermore, you need to remove the cage to urinate.

On the other hand, you can also get an extra short-shaft to long-length design if you do need it.


Body Safe

When choosing a body-safe material we recommend you look at one made with medical grade stainless steel.

Another great alternative is titanium, silicone, or polycarbonate plastic. For a lightweight penis cage, you can look at plastic as you can cut the connecting pin with a wire cutter in emergencies.

For the beginner, you can look at one made with silicone as it warms up faster. To remove the device all you need is a pair of scissors.

If you do not mind the added weight, you can opt-in one made with metal. However, when it comes to the device there are some safety aspects to consider. The first is the metal that is hard to cut through in emergencies.

Furthermore, if you travel a lot, the likeliness is that you will beep at metal detectors. Choosing leather and TPE/TPR rubber or novelty cages of jelly all have risks.

The leather is hard to clean while TPE/TPR rubbers porous and the ones made from jelly are sometimes toxic.


  • What type of play are you planning to do? Are you wearing it for fun or long term? If you plan to wear it long term we recommend getting one with ample ventilation but still restricting stimulation. Choosing a partially closed model is the best option for long-term wear.
  • The curve of the tubes just as essential and should downwards make it more discreet to wear in public.
  • Another vital feature is the lock as you find ones with built-in locks, security screws, disposable locks, and padlocks.
  • Then you get two ring options, the solid and hinged one. With a hinged cage, you open it and place it behind your balls and close while the solid one is difficult and leaves you no room for error.
  • Do you want extras? Some of the models you can use with a urethra that goes up the dick, or you can use it with other sex toys attached as well.


Male Chastity Device Shop

Depending on your needs you can find sellers offering you custom made cages based on your measurements. These devices can become costly, so if you want something without spending a fortune to try you can find cheaper devices available as well.

Here are some reliable shops you can find male chastity devices:

  • House of Denial has some excellent models sold at reasonable prices
  • Lovehoney is another tremendous male chastity device shop that sells more than just cock cages
  • Sub Shop has a big selection available but costly.
  • Extreme Restraint also has a wide selection of BDSM, sex toys, and chastity cages at a high price tag
  • The Stock Room also sells beautiful collection chastity belts for men and women.

Furthermore, for more affordable chastity devices, you can look at Ali Express and Amazon as well. However, if you want the best craftsmanship you can look at the other shops mentioned above.


Water Based Lube

Now you have your chastity belt, but what is the best way to get it on? You start by using your hands and lube.

However, if you have a hinged ring, all you need to do is open it and fit it around the penis and scrotum.

If you have a solid ring and needs a gentle pinch of scrotal skin at the bottom to get it through the loop, now you push one testicle at a time through.

Bend your penis down and place the tube section. Another thing you can do is put some lube around the glands as it makes things simpler. We recommend using a water-based lube as it dries automatically afterward.

Another alternative method is the stocking one where you put the ring on as usual. Now take knee-length hosiery and cut both ends off. Place the hose through the cage with both ends sticking out.

Place your penis in the stocking and close up the cage. Now slowly pull the hose through the other end, and your penis is in place.

You can wear it for a day or two to see how comfortable the male chastity cage is and if you need another one different.


Chastity Hygiene

Make sure to give the cock cage a daily cleaning if you plan on wearing it for a few hours a day. After cleaning it with soap, make sure it is dry before placing it back in its bag.

For long-term chastity play, you still need to do daily washing while wearing it. You can use warm water and soap preferably an anti-bacterial one.

Furthermore, you can use a cotton swab to reach those hard-to-reach places. Importantly remember to clean around the crotch as well.

Always keep it thoroughly dried after washing by using a heater or fan, and you are good to go. What is more, with long-term chastity you need to set out one day to remove the cage and give it a thorough cleaning.

Now is the time to inspect your privates for scrapes, irritations, and cuts.

Other Vital Things to Remember with Male Chastity

  • Peeing is not going to be comfortable with a cage. Some men find it easier to sit down as it keeps the process cleaner. Furthermore, remember to always dry when finished.
  • Ventilations are another concern if you plan on wearing the device long-term. Therefore, it is better to buy one that is well ventilated.
  • Sleeping also provides some discomfort as you can get nighttime erections. If you do wake up with pain, it is best to remove the cage and inspect yourself. Preferably buy another model instead.
  • Lastly, to prevent hygiene problems, we suggest you keep things trimmed down there. The shorter the hair it stop pulling and pinching.


Kinky Pleasure

Each person has his or her reason what they with a chastity device. However, no matter what you use your device for whether it is for sexual pleasure, sexual release, or behavior correction, we hope you find a suitable one to wear.

Furthermore, we hope that the male chastity device guide shows you all the ins and outs related to chastity play as well.

Now take a deep relaxing breath and let it out. You are done, and we thank you for reading until the end.

If you have something, you would like to share, feel free to provide feedback in the comments.

Have a stimulating day talk soon, Alfre.


Sissy Chastity Devices – Pick the best one

Sissy Chastity Devices

Today, we want to delve into the joys and torments of Sissy Chastity Devices. The majority of times these chastity belts you use in BDSM play. However, many people use it for other reasons as well.

No matter what your reason might be with one of these sex toys, your dominant can have full control over your desires.

Whether you use it for sexual tease & denial, appreciation of sexual release, to increase your sex drive, reminder of ownership, or training or behavior correction, you can find a suitable device here.

The Best Sissy Chastity Devices

Kinky Chastity Fun

These days you can find different chastise devices to serve your needs in providing comfort to a perfect fit. So if you are in the market to find a male chastity device you can look at the following products listed here.

Chaste Bird 2020

Sissy Chastity Device

Here we have a new arrival that provides full restraint 24-hour device. In the set, you get a cage with four different rings. Furthermore, you get one pin with built-in lock and two keys.

You even get a zippered bag to place your device in when not used. The construction is PVC and provides ample space, and your balls are tightly secure as well.

If you prefer stainless steel instead of plastic, they also have one available to fit your size. With it, you can trap your bird while your dominant has full control of your sexual release.

Furthermore, you can lock it two ways using the padlock or the built-in lock. Even cleaning is easy with mild soap and a soft brush.

Male Chastity Sissy Belt

Male Chastity Sissy Belt

The sissy chastity is handmade and keeps your belongings secure. The device is comfortable to wear and the best of all it has a unisex design that both men and woman can wear.

All you need to do is to buy new toys to add on. The chastity device has a metal structure covered with soft plastic for a comfortable fit.

Furthermore, you can buy it in pink, blue or black to suit your taste. To keep it secure, you get a lock and two keys for safekeeping. To kink things up you can use it with a but plug as well.

New Male Chastity Cock Cage

New Male Chastity Cage

The cock cage has a durable design, and once your cock is locked up you can forget about getting an erection. Therefore, the device is ideal for BDSM use where you’re dominant has full control of everything you do.

The fabric used to construct the cock cage is plastic and comes with a lock and key. Included you get four penis rings for a comfortable fit as well.

Furthermore, it is lightweight without adding weight on the cock and very discreet when worn under the clothing. So no one will know about your little secret.

Plastic Male Sissy Chastity Device




If you need sissy chastity with a difference to use for fun, you will love this purple plastic male chastity cage. You can buy it in two sizes small and large so best to make sure you get the best fit.

Furthermore, you get five base rings, and you get it packed in a discrete box as well. On the other hand, compared to other cock cages this one looks like fish making it a bit kinkier for play.

However, we do not recommend it for complete sexual denial but more for fun.

Adjustable Stainless Steel sissy Chastity Cage

Adjustable Cock Cage


Are you a beginner starting in sissy chastity? You will find the flexible stainless steel cock cage a big help. The device is easy to control at the bottom and lightweight at the same time.

Furthermore, the stainless steel structures comfortable and adjustable for a perfect fit. With the one ring provided, you can adjust it to the ideal fit.

Another highlight is that it is discrete when worn and does not show in skinny tight jeans. What is more, you must agree it looks gorgeous.

Stainless Steel Male Sissy Chastity Device


Male Stainless Steel Underwear

The male chastise device is made by hand with high-quality steel. Furthermore, it is hand polished and comprises no nickel or chrome plating.

For comfort, the linings made with food-grade silicone, and you can adjust the waistline for a comfortable fit. On the inside, it’s fitted with a cock tube to keep your penis secure.

If you are into role-playing or enjoy living out your fantasy you will benefit using this device.

Stainless Steel Male Chastity Belt

Male Chastity Cage


The male chastity belt has a featherweight feel to it, and you will not feel it when worn. Furthermore, it is made for couple sex games and can prevent your lover from cheating.

You can buy it in a wide selection of shades to fit in with your lifestyle as well. For the ideal fit, you can choose from six sizes or have one custom fit.

As a bonus, you get a detachable anal plug with five beads. You also get cock rings as well.

Adjustable T-type Chastity Belt

Adjustable T-type Chastity Belt


Nothing is sexier than this chastity belt made with stainless steel and silicone waist lining. The waist and crotch are fully adjustable, and you can buy it in pink, black, or blue.

Furthermore, you get six waist sizes to choose from. Once you fit this stealth chastity device your man will not be able to touch, and it comes with a lock and key as well.

Sissy Chastity Device with Vented Holes

Vent Hole Cock Cage


The material used to construct the vented cock cage is plastic and best to make sure you are not allergic to it. You get double rings for a perfect fit but remain secure to prevent escape.

For long-time wearing the vented design provides more comfortable wear leaving your skin to breathe. The medical plastic still provides a secure cage that prevents a full erection

While this is a new release, the company is working on a medical-grade stainless steel one as well. Included you get a lock with four rings.

Stainless Steel Penis Cage

Penis Cage


The chastity devices full length is 62mm with a cage length of 45mm, and the case diameter is 33mm. You get three-snap ring options measuring from 40mm, 45mm to 50mm.

All the edges are smooth, and it has a new lock design. One thing is for sure once you have the stainless steel penis cage on your dick is going nowhere without permission from your dominant.

Final Thoughts on Sissy Chastity Devices

Kinky Sissy Chastity Devices Play

One fact is that not all sissy chastity devices are the same. You can find several devices to serve your specific needs of sexual play. So take a deep breath and decide which one works best for you.

Now breathe out and let it go you are done. If you have some other exciting devices you would like to share, feel free to leave a comment below.

Maybe you have some tips or tricks we would love to hear. Have a fun-filled kinky day from Alfre.


Male Chastity Stories

Male Chastity Stories

Male Chastity Stories is one of the best ways to find out more about the fetish that many males fantasize about.

For the best inspiration to learn more about the fixation read the interesting male chastity story sent in by one of our followers.

Read about his sexual longing. Find out how he ended up in celibacy, becoming the bitch of his master.

Male Chastity Stories: My Cock Cage Fantasy

Male Cock Cage

My male chastity stories are plenty and originated from the first moment I saw a gorgeous cock locked in a CB-3000.

My eyes stayed focused on the image, and I was keen to try it myself.

The thought of locking my dick up and the desire of no control IF ever I get my cocked unlocked to cum was building up inside me.

With the image in my mind, I stroked myself reaching multiple orgasms.

The desire of getting information about chastity, especially orgasm denial and forced chastity stuck to my mind for months.

My Male Chastity Story Becomes a Reality

Male Chastity Bondage

Eventually, my dream became a reality.

I started posting on various sites wanting to find out what it would be like to submit myself to another man, giving him control over my dick, and become his sissified slave.

Furthermore, the problem is I am overweight, and the chance of someone taking an older man as the sub is not likely to happen.

However, to my surprise, everything changed with one email.

”So you want to be my fucking slut? How bad do you want it? Master Don”

Attached was a picture of a gorgeous guy.

Loads of things went through my mind, but my cock became rock hard, and I started rubbing it through my pants.

“I replied I want it, bad master.” Minutes later, my master replied with his telephone number, and I phone him.

He answered: “Yes, bitch, are you horny for my dick up your ass?”

“I stuttered um yes.” At this moment, I was slobbering, and my dick was drooling pre-cum as well.

Master: “I’ve mailed you my address. Wear a tiny pair of shorts and be here in half-an-hour.” All I heard was the dial tone.

I printed the address, and it was not too far out of town. At that moment I was shaking, and my hard cock was throbbing.

I grabbed my shorts, put them on, and took a ride out to my chastity fantasy.

I walked up to the front door finding a note.
Male Chastity Stories Lust

It said,” Take off your shorts and head right in. Kneel on the floor.”

I dropped my pants, stepped inside, shut the door, and dropped to my knees. He came out down the hall, and I gasped, as his picture did not lie.

He was rock hard and said, “Come here, bitch and crawl on your knees and fucking hands.”

I followed him to the bedroom. “I am going to make your fantasy come true bitch.”

Rape my throat!

“Stand up!” I did as he commanded, and he put his hand on my purple straining cock. “Jerk off, bitch!”

A fact is it did not take long to fill his palm with my load.

Submissive Chastity

He rose up, “Eat it, you, cum whore!” I slurped my load. “Lick it clean!” “Place your hands behind your head and look away.”

In actual fact, I was trembling as he took my cock and placed a CB3000 around it. “Now you are my bitch!”

I looked down at my encased cock and felt sheer pleasure with a mix of terror.

The blood rushed to my penis, and the pain of my erection suddenly made me realize what happened to me.

“Get on your knees!” “Suck my dick!”

Gag-Fucked Male Chastity Story

I pulled as much of him into my throat as I could. “You got to do better than that!”

He grabbed my head tight in his hand and gag-fucked me.

To be honest, my eyes watered I smelt my bile and was unable to breathe.

He smiled and suddenly yanked his cock out and grabbed my hair with his other hand and yanked me back.

I opened my mouth and caught his sweet cum in time. I was panting like a puppy dog. “Guess what that’s just the appetizer, bitch!”

Then the fun began as he opened a drawer with toys galore as he tossed his leather bits to me. “Put these on!”

Whenever you visit me, you wear these. “Do you understand?” “Yes, sir, I understand.”

“Get on the fucking bed. Get your hole in the air and beg for it.” I did as my master commanded. I pleaded for him to make my hole his.

He laid me down on the bed, jabbed two fingers up my asshole, and scrubbed it with lube.

Seconds later, he forced himself on me with a massive thrust as I screamed into the mattress.

It hurt badly, and within a minute, my screams became pleasure moans as he raped me in my ass.

Once he came, he pulled his cock out and said, “Lick it clean until I am satisfied!”

After giving him a cleaning, he pulled me up and gave me a deep, caressing kiss.

He Chained Me under His Bed

Submissive Slave

At this moment, I was in heaven as my male chastity story unfolded, as I wanted it to be.

The stud fucks me and owns me as he keeps me locked up in my cock cage.

Then suddenly, my daze was broken as he dragged me by my collar and fitted me with a muzzle.

He took a chain and threaded it through the collar and the foot of the bed.

He clipped cuffs to my wrist and ankles and placed a pillow under my head. “Good night cum whore!”

He climbed back into bed and turned the light off.

After a couple of minutes, he was snoring, and I slowly started to freak out while lying under the bed chained.

I am at the mercy of this gorgeous man.

I did not mention to anyone where I was going. Lying on the hardwood floor, I felt my burning hole and feeling my cock straining to get out.

Soon I drifted into a deep sleep.

However, my male chastity stories do not end here, as I have been coming back for more.

Ruined Orgasm – What is it?

Ruined orgasm, you heard of it but never thought you would want to try or enjoy the fetish.

Have you recently joined the male chastity the likeliness is you have heard of it?

However, if you have never heard of the fetish it is when people enjoy not enjoying an orgasm?

Strange but so true, they enjoy the control and dominance of the keyholder over their ultimate pleasure

Furthermore, it is a fantasy people want to experience once used as an advantage during BDSM play as punishment.

So just the fact that you can and will do something cruel like this is a significant turn on for your chastise and sometimes even you.

The fact is your servant likes the idea so much the orgasm is stronger when you ruin it for them.

Here we will go over the types of ruined orgasms and methods you can use.

How to Ruin an Orgasm More  

The Point of No Return

So what is a wholly ruined orgasm? It is one where the sub reaches no point of return and receives no further stimulation.

Furthermore, you completely withdraw the hands and leave him with only air.

The process is tricky; he can tell you when he is close to reaching the edge and you can stop right when he is near.

Therefore, you can punish as you see fit.

Otherwise, you can go a couple of strokes after announcing he is close, as it should give you enough notification on how much stimulation he can still handle.

However, make it only a stroke or two each time to get the most of the ruined orgasm.

Alternatively, you can keep your sub honest by stopping, as your lover gets close.

By doing this, you can get the best out of this orgasm control game. Now you may be wondering how do you judge a bust orgasm?

The best way is to compare how much your lover came compared to other times when doing it the usual way.

If you found loads of cum, the likeliness is he secretly enjoyed it, and you went on too long.

On the other hand, a person who has a strong fetish for ruining their orgasm enjoys it more than a pure orgasm!

Furthermore, there are many alternatives to ruining a subs orgasm, whether for dominating or fun.

Common Variants of a Ruined Orgasm

Ruining and Orgasm

Another variant that is common to ruin an orgasm is to restrict the flow of love juice. So how do you do this?

Once your toy hits the point of no return, you squeeze his dick under the head or at the base.

Do it tightly to prevent cum from coming out. On the other hand, you can put your thumb over the cock head as controlling the flow of water running out a garden hose (thumbing the orgasm.)

You can do this using your finger or tape as the less cum gives less enjoyable orgasms ruining the orgasm completely.

So why is the orgasm, less fun for him?

The semen is backing up in the tubes, causing discomfort and a busted orgasm.

However, if you find yourself concerned with this, you can let more cum escape.

Another method to ruining an orgasm is physical pain. By being strict, it takes some of the satisfaction away; however, once he approaches that point of no return, his discomfort threshold can go way up.

You may find your slave finds this hands-off approach better, especially if they like CBT or pain.

What’s more, you can do this by flicking the head of the dick or slapping the cock.

Another option is the balls by slapping them hard or even squeezing them.

Post orgasm torture is another method known as palming. All you do is lubricate the cock well and use your palm on the head.

While it can make it, more pleasurable, it can become uncomfortable for your partner that are sensitive before having an orgasm.

We recommend you do the palm before your lover hits the point to see his reaction.

Pleasure Like Never Before

Ruined Orgasm Distraction

Orgasm Distraction

While there are many ways to distract, your lover, the best approach is to have ice on hand to place on the cock and balls.

It numbs away the pleasure and gives him temperature shock.

Furthermore, you can make a sudden noise, pour lemon juice in their mouth, or shine a bright light in the eyes.

So what does it do? All it does is scare the sub into an entirely ruined orgasm.

Therefore, distraction can be the best way to ruin an orgasm, but you will need to keep coming up with new ones.

What are the mental aspects of ruining an orgasm?

Mental Aspects of Ruining Orgasm

Here we recommend if your lover has a fetish about ruining his orgasm, it is best to inform the sub ahead of time.

Depending on his or her interest, the anticipation makes playing beforehand either more or less enjoyable.

By making it clear, he cannot do anything about what is going to happen with his ruined orgasm.

Alternatively, you can get your slave to hold back his orgasm, giving a more complete ruined orgasm.  

Furthermore, it takes the fun out of it if your sub has a strong fetish for it.

On the other hand, if you want to ruin it completely, you can ask not to come or motivate to try to hold back.

However, it can be mean as your slave is trying to behave and can lead to misbehavior. You do not want them to misbehave!

Alternatively, it can also lead to your lover feeling horny or unsatisfied.

The truth is different approaches fit various subs, and it is best to pick something exciting for both of you.

Alternatives to Provide a Ruined Orgasm

Male Chastity Orgasm Denial

One great way to ruin his orgasm is to lock him in a male chastity cock cage.

Your lovers locked up anxiously waiting for the release and have a ruined orgasm fetish the likeliness is it will intensify the feeling.  

However, it all depends on your man and could be a reward or punishment or even both.

Therefore, the best is to experiment and find out what works for both of you.

Furthermore, if ruined orgasm is not for you, try some other unique ways like a nipple or testicle stimulation or even prostate massaging.