CB6000 Male Chastity Cock Cage Review

Keep Your Mans Cock in Lockdown

This morning my hubby woke up with his twig and berries firmly locked in the CB6000 male chastity cage.

Weird, yes, for some it may be, but he has had it on for a week.

The crazy, locking contraption is our experiment to find out if this is the best one in our chastity cock cage collection.

Well, for one my man slept like a baby with the snug fitting cock cage cupping his dick and balls all through the night.

He has gone to work and spends most of his time locked in chastity. Now, after a week of wearing it is time to give you the results.

Why the CB-6000 Cock Cage

To answer the question, we collect sex toys. It is like delving into the dark world and adding another kinky toy to your collection.

I have found it fun to put my lover’s penis in jail preventing him from touching my prized possession. The truth is he can only feel it when I use the key.

The CB6000 not only looks kinky but also has a durable chastity belt structure and design.

Upon our first inspection, we found it seemed simple enough to install (boy were we surprised!) So let us get to the nitty-gritty stuff.

What the Male Chastity Belt Consists Of


Depending on the CB6000 male chastity lockdown device you buy, you can get it different plastic dong shaped cage colors.

The one we purchased has a transparent shade (makes it more enticing and irresistible for both of us.)

There is an open slot in the tip and stays in place during urination.

The fantastic thing compared to our Holy Trainer 3 this one comes with multiple plastic rings for the base.

The rings made for the balls to go through (might seem unsettling at first) but believe me it is not and gently cups them depending on the size you use.

Then you have the brass chastity lock to keep all the parts together. The lock is inexpensive and looks the same as the one you use on your luggage.

So if you tend to misplace the key, make sure to lock it safely in your dresser next to your bed.

Installing the new dick cage is relatively easy once you know how to do it. The instructions included with the device are crap, but by looking through the box of content, you can quickly figure it out.

The significant thing is to find the right base diameter size and looks like a horseshoe shape. You get five different sizes and need to test each one for a perfect fit (this part already became exciting and kinky.)

Now you attach the second base to the selected ring size with guide pins and only fit in one way. Install the locking pin and spacer and slide it over the balls with the plastic pin assembly above the penis.

Now it is time to push the penis into the cage. The best is to lube it first with the supplied lubricant and slip it into the cage.

Do not try to slide the dick in without the lube it will be uncomfortable and make sure the holes line up with the guide pins in the base.

Now we put the lock on and off course, I took the key and placed it in a secure place.

Our Experience Using the CB6000 Chastity Cage

As it is nothing new to my husband, he still felt it was like an entirely new experience and exciting, to say the least wearing the male chastity cage.

He felt, it was comfy but does have a bit of added weight and fitting it into his underwear a bit difficult. While it does feel like you have a bowling ball strapped to you, it did not cause pain or the need of him taking it off and fun!

The big downside is it does look like he has a massive bulge in his pants and for some, this can be good or bad. We think him wearing it with skinny jeans is going to be interesting.

How Stealthy is the Male Chastity Device

When it came to playtime, and him having an erection his cock started pressing against the end of the cage. By half-mast, the idea of being constrained felt good, and at full erection, it became uncomfortable.

By this time he was begging to be set free, all his dick could do is press up against the bars. But it was only the six-day, and he had one more day to stay in lockdown.

With the CB-6000 chastity device, he could only urinate and not jack off. Another exciting part for him was peeing with it. Compared to his other male chastity cages this one also forced him to sit down and urinate.

His cock did not reach the slit at the tip of the device, but we believe there is another version available the CB6000S that may be more suitable for a smaller size.

Taking a Shower with the CB6000

If you are a clean freak as we are, taking a shower with the CB6000 male chastity device can be a miserable experience. You will not be able to lather up your dick with soap, and it will not get wet.

You will be able to spray some water inside it, but very little will reach it (so you can do what we do remove the device, give it a good clean let it dry and put it back on.)

If you prefer keeping it on you will be walking around with a wet cock. Another notable thing is it does have a steam build up inside after having a pee or shower.

Do We Recommend the Chastity Cock Cage?

Yes, we can recommend it to you for many reasons. Firstly, you will love the sensation of your penis caged up, and only your master has the key to lock open Pandora’s Box.

If you are not OCD, it makes for durable and comfortable wear, except that you will have to remove it at least twice a week for a good cleaning or every day.

You will have to sit like a woman and pee, but you will not be able to touch it or play with yourself. Getting an erection may be a bit uncomfortable (but sitting on top of it serves an excellent experience for the master at the same time.)

Furthermore, it remains your personal choice and preference.


Holy Trainer Chastity Cock Cage V3 Review

Holy Trainer Chastity Cock Cage
Holy Trainer Chastity device

You CAN dominate the man in your life and hold the key in your hand to his sexuality today?  Get your hands on the Holy Trainer chastity device and lock his penis up in a chastity cock cage. Be in in full control and deny him an orgasm as long as you please. You are in charge, but your mate will look sexy with his locked penis with v3 Magic Locker.

Send his penis to exile with Holy Trainer V3 the 3rd edition in their male chastity cage collection. As you can see from the image below,it is available in four astounding colors.

Holy Trainer v3

Imagine his love rocket locked up in one of these magnificent colors, go ahead and pick your favorite color.

Holy Trainer

You can have one custom made for a little extra.

Yes, ladies and gents once again, I have become sidetracked, you must agree Holy Trainer v3 is something gorgeous. So what can you expect from this enticing enclosed contraption? Let us look deeper and find out!

The Aesthetically Pleasing Holy Trainer 3

For me, Holy Trainer design is a classic and hard to beat. Compared to the previous Holy Trainer v2 the price is about the same. Furthermore, it is in the same price range as any other high-end sex toys. It has a clean, simple lined design and looks fantastic. The lock bump is sleek, and the tube is compact. Further, it does not make the penis look lost girls.

The plastic structure feels strong—I think if you do hit it with a sledgehammer, the likeliness is the hammer will break (rock solid and hard.) The device has a bio-resin structure and an all plant-based resin. The material is safe for any cock and non-toxic, solvent-free, and renewable. Guys and girls what makes it unique is the two-piece design with the locking mechanism.

Holy Trainer devices

Just by gazing at it, you can see it looks smaller as the ring sits closer to the front compared to the Version 2 model. The tubes the same length in all three versions, but with the ring closer to the front there is less sticking out. Now if you are familiar with chastity devices, they must sit as snug as possible. With the shorter version, the cock will not escape prison and looks snug but stealthier.

There are four varieties available the Nano, Small, Standard, and a Maxi. The device has a robust bottom to prevent stimulation taking place. You do not want your man gaining access to your prized possession but does depend on his size. Another added benefit is the four different base ring sizes an 35 – 50mm with the 45mm one being a standard one for most men.

Unfortunately, you will have to know the size before ordering, as they are not all included in the box. The best solutions to order two different sized base rings for you to try in case your man happens to experience pain or discomfort. The tormenting game is not for your lover to feel uncomfortable, and you want him to slip into it quickly

Holy Trainer magic locker

The lock supplied with the 3rd generation device is a “MagicLocker,” and of course, it includes the magical key to open the pleasure box. Compared to other male chastity devices the lock used is standard and does not have a rattling padlock attached. There is no bulge noticeable when worn and once locked it is secure. So best to keep those keys safe, as you cannot lock-pick it.

Installing the V3 Holy Trainer Chastity Device

Once you have the V3 Holy Trainer in your hand, you can easily slide the cage portion on and attach it to the base ring. With the V3 the back portion of the cage slips underneath the top ring and the penis slides into place. The locking hasp lines up correctly. Your mate will have no pinching, hair or skin.

According to other users, “they felt the device was amazingly stealthy.” Once accustomed to it, one forgets you are wearing one and great for wearing for hours at a time. With the lack of a padlock, this is one of the best chastity’s made, and you can move around without making a noise. Furthermore, there is no noticeable bulge when viewed from the outside (so discreet). And the main thing if you do get a hard-on there is no getting out.

Holy Trainer metal

Forget about getting out.

The thing is, there is little room for growth, and the cage might push away from your body, causing a slight pain.

Hygiene Issues with chastity cage

If you like, the idea of your man sitting down to pee the V3 Holy Trainer is going to make him sit. If you decide on buying the Nano size, it squishes the penis up more and makes urinating standing up a challenge. With the small to maxi size, he may find it does not line up correctly inside, but mostly standing to pee remains a problem.

What is difficult to achieve with the chastity cage is keeping it clean compared to using the Jail Bird and remains a problem. As the tube covers your whole penis and keeping it maintained is difficult. The best is to carry cotton swabs and a squirt bottle to clean up the urine left behind.

You can shower with this chastity device, but the water does not get in everywhere. For the best hygiene to prevent it from getting an unpleasant smell to remove it every other day to keep it clean. However, if this is against your orgasm denial believes, pick an entirely custom open metal one.

The Stealthiest Cock Cage , Holy Trainer V3

chastity Cock Cage

Now, this is where the fun begins and depends on which model you buy. With the small HTV3, there is room for growth, while the Nano leaves little room for getting hard. So there is no chance for the penis to escape but needs the right fit to be comfortable.

The problem is that the Small becomes impossible to tame the beast once it grows and fills up the cage as it pushes the cage away from the body.

This can be an uncomfortable feeling and solved with a smaller, custom fit chastity cage such as the Nano. With the Nano, getting flaccid it is impossible for growers to escape.

Should You Buy the Holy Trainer V3 chastity device?

yellow Holy Trainer

Excellent question, “it still comes down to your personal preference. Holy Trainer HT v3 for a plastic chastity cage you can buy off-the-shelf it is an adequate device. The cock cage is lightweight and comfortable to put on with the integrated lock and not uncomfortable or bulky. The downside, you will have to know the size as it does not come included with different sized rings.

If you are starting out in male constraint, this is a great option to purchase. On the other hand, if you do not like the feeling of steel against your skin with more openings, this male sex toy highly recommended. The Trainer  v3 you can buy in different sizes and colors. Compared to the CB-6000 chastity cage it is much more affordable.

There are other Holy Trainer chastity cages available such as Holy Trainer 2 still sold by some providers at discounted prices. However, these are only available in a standard and small size.

So, if you have been trying out other steel or plastic male chastity devices, make sure to try Holy Trainer 3. You will not be disappointed.

Are you interested in buying this cock teaser, make sure to click through here and check it out?

Or perhaps you have tried it out feel free to leave your comments here.